Sunday, 25 January 2015

EXT: A Field

Having painted my recent Citadel Wood, I got all inspired by the potential for swapouts. Using some tinfoil to line the tree slots, I reached for the modelling concrete...

...and made Swamps! 

Pouring the stuff in, adding the details from the bits box nad then leaving it for a full 24 hours to set got me three neat discs. It's good tough stuff, although a bit brittle. There's a tricky stage where it seems to be dry, but if you feel tempted to fiddle it crumbles like mad, so really leave the stuff be for as long as you can.

A stunted shrub and a warning sign

A disc of card on the back to help provide some backbone (and next time, I'll put this in under the concrete once mixed rather than gluing it on afterwards).

Rat, fencepost and abandoned armour

This was an experimental batch. I had originally hoped to do some frozen ponds with the biogel stuff I used on the Dreadstone Blight a while back. Sadly I must have been less than perfect at keeping the two-part goo unmixed, and the hardener had hardened fully and prematurely in its jar. So these discs got downgraded to just humble patches of dirt.

Burnt-out campfire and watch post. Having always mocked Citadel terrain for the prevalence of skulls, the first thing I did was add a plastic skull, courtesty of Heroquest. It's under some snow in the foreground here. 

I figure they can be used as battlefield objectives, if 9th Ed does indeed become more skirmishy and draw on those (lovely) 40K rules. Or use a spare tree elsewhere, mixing these in with trees for lighter woods, or just scatter them about for added flavour here and there.

Not an amazing fit in the holes, but certainly not a bad one! I can use thinner foil next time, I think, and as I said above, blend the card into the concrete more.

I'll do more, I think, I liked how these worked out and they were very easy to make. Pits, ponds, portals, trapdoors, stumps and shrines are all on my list of ideas, and I've certainly got some plans for bits from my Reaper stuff! Although that still has no delivery date, being held up in shipping somewhere in America even as we speak. Hopefully in time for the 'Boot, my lists have plans for some of those models....


  1. It also strikes me I could make markers to help identify mysterious woods! A patch of nettles for a poison wood, a treeman for the magic-allergic walking one, etc etc