Thursday, 29 January 2015

Just In The Squig Of Time

These killer tomatoes were actually completed last month (and that's important, as I was counting on them to push me over the top of my painting tally), but I only got around to photographing them now (I was waiting for some good sunlight ... and it's January).

And so here, for all you mycologists out there, are the final six specimens:

Warhammer Cave Squig
Horny Squig

Warhammer Cave Squig
Bouncy Squig

Warhammer Cave Squig (old metal)
Sneaky Squig

Warhammer Cave Squig
Spiky Squig

Warhammer Cave Squig (old metal)
Snotty Squig

Warhammer Cave Squig - Gobba
Papa Squig

The colour scheme, as before, was refreshingly simple:

  • Skin: Khorne Red base, Agrax Earthshade wash, Reza Rust highlights
  • Teeth, claws: Ushabti Bone base, Agrax Earthshade wash
  • Horns, tails: Steel Legion drab base, Agrax Earthshade wash
  • Tongues: Mournfang Brown, Agrax Earthshade wash
  • Eyes: Bilious Green

And so my Night Goblin army starts off with some bite. They've already covered themselves in glory in their first outing: hit like Black Orcs, die like Goblins - lovely!

Night Goblin Squig Herd
"Yeah, we broke a unit of Chaos Warriors. Ain't no thing."


  1. Next time, squidget. Next time.

    1. Oh, they'll be a next time - I haven't even had a chance to explode the squigs yet.