Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Gee Up

Ah, Warriors of Chaos again, at long long last! Good to be back in the saddle. Especially after all that Dark Elf work - nothing but spikes, skulls, tiny eyes in deep hoods, fast cavalry... 

Hang about. Something's not right here.

After fielding two lists in a row containing Marauder Horsemen, I can now reveal that I wasn't just bringing them for game-specific reasons. Doomfire Hunting and Fanatic Clearance are both very good reasons to bring them, of course. But I like to overcommit myself to the units I field, so I painted and marked this lot before I actually battle-tested them.

The main weakness of my WoC army is the utter lack of talent or luck manouverability I can draw on as a general. The Christmas Gods looked favourably on me this year, and I got a little extra with my Citadel Wood. Result 9 on the chart, I think, Santor's Sack Opens.

 Nice models, these! A great selection of heads particularly. Gimp Masks are quite a prevalent option, so I went down that road. Despite my dislike of Slaaneshi things, I reckon that it's the best mark for a tiny unit of fast cav. They're never going to do great guns up close, so Frenzy (especially with low Ld) or a penalty to be hit (which means they're in combat where I don't necessarily want them) isn't playing to the strength of Fast Cav. A ward save is always nice, mind, but I've got fast Tzeentchy stuff elsewhere in my collection already.

I know they aren't amazing shooters, but WoC takes what it can get. Throwing axes are harder hitting, but javelins can be thrown further. Keeping away from uber-close range, or at least having the option to, is worth the extra points. And allows you to use equip spears as well, which might be useful if you can find a nice light warmachine to run over somewhere. Not, actually, that five horsemen are a particularly great tool for that job, they're just to lightweight to hurt most warmachines.

No musician at present. A musician is probably more use than a champion to this throwaway chaff unit, who are almost certainly going to mostly do redirection duty or go hunting other light cavalry. But I had the spare charioteer head set out specially for them, so a champion is what they have.

That's rather a lot of justification I seem to be requiring for these models, eh? I think what I'm basically saying is I assembled them basically on aethetic principles rather than anything that might actually be useful in game. Now I've thought about it a bit, I could almost certainly have chosen better options.

Meh, stuff it.

Painting Guide:

  • Generally, I wanted them to fit with the leathery colours of the other marauders. 
  • Leather Armour and Clothes - Terracotta, Abaddon Black, Golden Yellow or Skrag Brown bases, with appropriate Brown Ink or Agrax Earthshade washes. These colours tie in with the marauder foot units and the Slaaneshi Ogres, so they should fit into the army well. 
  • Horses - Three of them are Skrag Brown with a heavy Brown Ink wash, then layered up with XV88 and Ungor Flesh. The Bannerman has a Zandri Desert horse with Agrax Earthshade and Kislev Flesh layers, the champ has Rhinox Hide with a Nuln Oil wash and Tyrant Skull drybrush. A variety of lighter tones (mostly Pallid Wychflesh with Flesh Wash, I think) for hair, and the odd patch of white. 
  • Reins and Saddles - Terracotta with a Terracotta/White Scar mix for highlights.
  • Metal - Abaddon Black with Mithril and Runefang silver coats. Damn, there's a lot of metal studs on these horses! They went on last and took ages. 
  • Slaaneshi Bits - Of which there are very few, I thought I'd keep it subtle rather than go the whole Oldhammer Pastel route. I'm ashamed enough at fielding Slaaneshi models as it is, thanks. The champion's mark had a wash of Druchii Violet, as did two of the skulls after being painted as for metal above.

Fast Cavalry at last - that should totally reverse my fortunes as a general, it was the last weakness of my army as for as I could percieve.

*checks Perception, rolls 1

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