Sunday, 2 November 2014

Hot Headed

Sunday? Must be Delf o' Clock.

This must be one of the most hated units on the Warhammer field at the moment, I reckon. Certainly it's one of mine. Ultra-manouverable, ward-saving bastards the lot of them. But they have a saving grace, a fatal flaw if you will.

The models have this weird hair sculpt thing going, where you can't quite say if it's swirly flowing elf-locks or some kind of eldritch energy thing. I'm sure that's deliberate, and all power to them. According to the fluff, they ride about in the dead of night, looking for souls to sacrifice to Slaanesh in their stead, swathed with flame.

My head! My head! My head is on fire!

This is the unit champion, who gets a metal mask to hide his combustible chops in. He's also armed with a giant pair of scissors for some reason. 

I decided I would take the flame part fairly literally. So these guys are out hunting at their eleventh hour, only a few minutes away from actually being consumed. In one unfortunate case, he's probably left it a bit late.

Still passed his ward save though, so I guess he can still fight. 

(I've searched all three cases of Delves to no avail, although I assume the missing head is around somewhere. I'll paint it up once I find it.)

Blue brands this time. I thought about a bit of freehand for the barding, something wiggly and writhing, but balked in the end. Although the armour plate looks large (and certainly could take detail), it's a fiddly space to fit things in. 

Black horses this time, the better to offset the paler riders.

Pallid Wychflesh? No longer, with the TanLamp XL4000!

Painting Guide:

  • Flesh - Dwarven Flesh, Flesh Wash, Kislev Flesh and Pallid Wychflesh for the basic. Red ink wash on top for the heads, with Rhinox Hide then Abbadon Black drybrush. 
  • Fire - White Scar undercoat, then Scab Red base on the back third of the hair. Layering beginning with Bad Moons Yellow, up through Trollslayer Orange and Wild Rider Red.
  • Horses - Abaddon Black, Eshin Grey layer and Codex Grey highlight
  • Purples - Basecoat purple with Druchii Violet wash, Xereus layer and Lucius Lilac highlight
  • Swords - Black and Chainmail standard metal approach, with Snot Green, Nurgling Green and Green Ink linings for the poison
  • Leathers - XV88 with Agrax Earthshade wash and Tau Light Cavalry  Ochre highlights
  • Armour - Brass Scorpion, Agrax Earthshade wash and Burnished Gold trim

Dark Elf Cavalry
This is what real-life miners did in the days before LED head torches. 

Meanwhile, is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a highly-trained ninja kite?

Wearing a big black cape that size in broad daylight is actually not very stealthy, you know. 

No, it's Shadowblade, who's rather a fine blister pack character. Bet it's not his real name, though. Probably something really mundane like Nigel Brown.

Okay, it's very dynamic. But the broken scenery thing always looks odd to me, it's just a bit too convenient. 

Springboarding off some pointy elven ruins, Nigel pretty much screams 'paint me black!' And I couldn't think of a way round it, so I did. Silver trim, bit of purple wash in there just in case it makes any difference, which I don't think it did.

While we're adding character assassination, a pair of sorceresses managed to make it in. One is on a big brown horse, wearing plenty of scarlet leather and purple rinse hair.

Mounted Sorceress
What Not To Wear in 17th-Century Boston

The other has a very effective invisibility cloak.

A Palomino horse! Although a sadly abused one. 

Oh no, wait, there she is.

Mounted Sorceress
Wonderwoman Cosplay is in this year. 

Nothing says kinky elf like a magnetised bum, and this lady (who is another of General Leofa's splendid conversions, made I think from the Death Hag character from the blood shrine thingy) has a choice of horse or Cold One. But I'll paint her alternative steed later, when I get round to the other dino-riders.

I suspect the sorceresses will get deployed with the Doomfires fairly regularly. So I made no attempt to get them to blend in. 

That means I'm nearly through the initial deployment of Kas's Dark Elves! Only one more to go for the 'Boot pack. Then just another 3000+ points and I'm home and dry. And colourblind to purple.

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