Thursday, 13 November 2014

EXT: Sepulchre

Hanging out in Victorian graveyards was a thing I used to do when I was younger, moodier and living in London. And I don't even have the excuse that I was a goth or an emu or whatnot, I was just a nerd who liked graveyards.

Time well spent, I reckon. Now I can use my middle-aged freetime to daub tiny plastic fences and feel quite sure they're a reasonable replica of (for example) Highgate Cemetary in January. Plus bonus skulls, obviously. The longer one is exactly the same piece as the last long one I did. Rather dull to paint, but they sadly don't do themselves. Nor do Autopainting Models hit GW's shelves until after the End Times are done.

Taking a break from the Delves got me all sprightly and inspired (not that I'm not enjoying painting them, just good to have a change), so I decided to do some extra detail for the larger tomb piece. I like the cheery wildlife on it, just needs a couple of grey squirrels and a tramp dressed in binbags and it really would be London.

I haven't glued it together, which makes it easier to store. It also meant I could detail the interior properly, because why else do detailed interiors you can't really see exist?

A quick freehand tiled floor, some marbling and a touch of gloss, and there you go, a bunch of work unlikely to see much daylight in its career.

Whaaaaat? The skeleton in that coffin still has a skull attached! The groundskeeper must be drunk again. Go wake him, someone.

Totally justified, I feel, even if it took much longer than I planned. What else am I going to do with my evenings, though? The local Boot Hills are all too cold this time of year.

Graveyard model

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