Sunday, 22 June 2014

Savage Garden Leave

My Savage Orc army project is now officially wrapped. Actually, they were done in time for WoffBoot VIII, but I hadn't got around to taking a full army shot as the piece de resistance...

Savage Orc army
Et voilàaagh!

By my calculations, this represents over a quarter of my eventual Waaagh!, although I'm fairly certain the remaining contingents won't be as painted in such a structured way - I'll just grab whatever I fancy out of the leadpile and see where we end up.

And, for some 4th Edition nostalgia, I unearthed the original list that used to rock the tournament tables of Harrow back in 1999:

Warhammer Fantasy 4th edition army list
I was using a primitive army builder programme called a 'biro'.

(I did a few calculations, and if you overlook the understrength Arrer Boyz and Boarboyz, this list is not only legal, it's more than 100pts cheaper than its 8th Edition equivalent. Although I think it would get massacred at any WoffBoot...)

Until next time, stay Green.


  1. 'Over a quarter'? But not over half? Well, that's an alarming statistic. Both in terms of fieldable strength and the years of painting work you have ahead of you.

    1. The scale of the project doesn't intimidate me.
      I've got a spreadsheet.