Thursday, 19 June 2014

EXT: Log Fence

I think the most important thing about making model terrain is the excellent excuse it gives you to eat more lollies.

Vermin Brown planks with brown ink freehand, Scorched Brown mud, black with grey drybrush stones. Lovers of detail will note that the lollies were originally Pear Splits from what used to be Walls. But walls made of planks wouldn't be the same.

This ought to have been the work of about two hours, not including drying time, but it's somehow taken me nearly three weeks. Slight hobby slump, other than actual battles, at the moment - I really don't have much that I fancy painting right now. That's about to change, with some generous donations from General Stylus, but all in good time...

So instead, some scenery to scatter, in the form of this wooden fence made of lolly sticks and a snowy stump.

The other side

The snow on the fence is yet another new recipie. This one was accidental, though, I confused bicarbonate and baking soda. Not the worst accident, although it explains the flatness of some recent scones. The snow is pleasantly fluffy, the soda reacted with my PVA to form plump little pillows. Not sticky at all, sadly, it needed gumming down with more PVA, and it's not as melty as I wanted to look. Worth remembering if you need deep snow, though - it's roughly equally measures of baking soda, GW snow flock and PVA.

The remains of a dead houseplant, immortalised in varnish

The stump is set on a circle of card I'd taken to make the ponds in the bogs. The original plan was to maybe have them as flexible stands for woods that I could take the trees out of as necessary. After the biogel frothed up, though, there aren't really depressions in the swamps that work that way. Hey ho.

I left the wood pretty much unpainted, but shaded the cracks with brown and black ink

Four more of these circles to go. If I had cash, I'd head over to and eye up their splendid and cheap range of resin tree stumps. Their resin bases are amazing, but they only come in circular flavour right now. Very interesting kickstarter for 12x12 inch modular battleboards, though, which you can dribble at here.

Space Marine for scale.

So far so good - I now have this much terrain: -

All I need now is some matching boards to chuck them on!


  1. Trawling the internet for stuff as I often do, I've also just come across Their resin scenery range looks amazing and not costly - anyone ever heard of them or know how good a match for 'heroic 28mm' stuff it is?

    1. I couldn't get much joy out of the Scotia Grendel website, but the Secret Weapon stuff is mouth-watering.

      Not so much the battleboards, which are about the same cost as Realm of Battle, but some of the little futuristic pieces - Barricades, Generators - would be great for Necromunda/Inquisitor.

      They also have a pretty nice dragon skull that I can just imagine being converted into the chassis of a goblin chariot (maybe that's one for the future...)