Sunday, 1 June 2014

Nobody Expects

I mentioned these in passing the other day (you know, when we won an award, did we mention that?) and here they are.

Acolyte Raviel Hoth and assorted servoskulls

These date back to the golden age of yore, when General Leofa and I shared a house and played Advanced Heroquest to pass the long summer evenings. They were promoting the newly released Grey Knights/Inquisition army list back then, with spanking models to match, and I went out and impulse bought as many as I could. Which back then, because I was still a working doctor, was most of them.

Techpriest Graiph, the Daemonhost Sahaedra, Thorian Inquisitor Brend Morowicz and a passing Callidus Assassin

Time has been kind to them, possibly because I bought new brushes to do them. I'm still using some of those same brushes to paint now, or at any rate what's left of them. They need bases, of course, I hadn't had my Damascene Road Flock moment at that point.

Recongregator Inquisitor Hurous de Vaulot and retinue

They saw occasional use in my 40K games, which they always did appallingly in, and rather more use in a sporadic Inquisitor campaign run out of Amen Court, in which of course they all did splendidly.

Thorian Inquisitor Abraxus Illuminatus and retinue

That campaign ran over two years and turned up some splendidly cinematic moments. The time when Abraxus got beheaded whilst possessed by his daemonsword, leaving his own soul trapped in the blade (later to be wielded by his acolyte). The many plasma gun malfunctions of Lector Malathus. CRM114's death in a deadly tide of reactor coolant.
And the running grudge matches of Criminus and de Vaulot, finally put to one side as they united against a daemon incursion - great days indeed.

Monodominant Inquisitor Alexander Criminus and retinue

Pity, of course, that the game system died a death. Excellent rules for a small scale narrative clash, although they took a lot of preparation for a smooth ride. And a hopeless attempt to make you buy new models - for your buck, getting the 40K ones and changing the game's scale was way cheaper.

Left to Right - Servitor CRM114, an unknown Vindicare Assassin and Lector Malathus

We used Necromunda models and scenery to pad out the episodes of the game, as well as units of the Imperial Guard army I used to have. Wherever Ebay rehoused the 16th Balanthian Rifles, I hope they're living happy and productive lives. I only ever got them slaughtered in droves.

Xanthite Inquisitor Dekkeral Mayin and assorted scum

The bigger models for Inquisitor were a mixed bag, I thought, possibly because the modellers weren't used to that scale. I certainly couldn't paint them well. But there were some great ones amongst them, this giant not least.

Saw a lot of use as a DnD Cleric in Holy Might Mode. Saw absolutely none in his intended form. 

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  1. So glad these models survived the 28mm diaspora. I LOVED the bouts of Inquisitor - a sublime mix of narrative and skirmish game that you played to play, not to win.

    Here's to you: de Vaulot, Gervail the Snake, Servitor CRM114 and whatever other barrel scrapings I was given to deal with Criminus' combat-drugged assassins, deadeye snipers and that damn acolyte that Would Not Die.

    Those were some great scenarios you built there FNGM. And Criminus, if you're listening out there: you were a crazy bastard that would never listen to reason. Recongregation forever!