Friday, 28 February 2014

Now In Digitally Remastered Director's Cut Extended Edition Battalions (3D where available*)

And somewhat less than 28 days later, they're done!

Earthy colours, Kas specified, so leathery browns, dull greens and a few bits of battered white or black. I was going for the idea that they're all fairly recently dead, hastily interred after their village got overrun by something or other, then freshly raised from the mass grave this very morning. By traditional necromantic tradesmen using an age-old recipie. Something about the fairly bright grass sets off the pale flesh nicely.

One of the things I like best about Blood for the Blood God (he said, with the man from GW firmly twisting his arm up behind his back) is that it's translucent. Over the heavily drybrushed zombies, the detail underneath isn't lost. Previous attempts at blood effects were in Blood Red or similar, and that just covers what's under. This stuff looks sticky and damp; dabbing at it when it's still wet takes it off the top details too, which is good on bone.

It's a trick!
Get an axe.
One of two potential musicians.
Zombie musicians? Who knew?
Banner of Tasty Snacks
Wait! Let me get my face back on!
And I thought I smelt bad on the outside.
Zombies. Give them an inch and they'll take a foot.

As a box set, the Zombies are pretty decent. 5 different torsos, 5 different legs, lots of arms and 10 different heads to combine, so a great set of options. The arms aren't brilliantly attached to the torsos, there's a peg on the shoulder that you hang the arm on. Doing that the other way round would be better anatomically, you'd get a cleaner fit.

Vlad Woz Ere
Found him at last! God, Fimir meat is delicious.
This is a Wight from the DnD game.
I felt the unit needed more afros.
The other musician.
Kill meeeee
Left 1 Dead
I used to Maraud, you know.
Oh really? Where were you stationed?

They rank up pretty cleanly (with a couple of exceptions, as always). I planned it a bit, which is unlike me - the first couple of ranks are shorter, then two ranks of hand weapons raised to various degrees and the polearms at the back. But I think you could also put them with the shorties along the sides, tall ones in the middle.

Painting 50 in a row makes me feel I've seen it all, and it did get pretty repetitive. The few conversion pieces I did are nothing wild (two model substitutions, a few bits of Viking or Marauder), but I'm glad to have them in. Zombies (like skaven) are now firmly off my wish list of models!

*i.e. at my house, currently


  1. This makes me want to a paint zombies.

    Fantastic. Bloody fantastic.

  2. Should that read 'Bloody. Fantastic.'?

    1. Simple, but I particularly like "kill meeeee" and "Left 1 Dead".

  3. Bravo, sir! Splendid job all round.

    1. Cheers! So tell me, what's next?

    2. Given that Skavenslaves, Night Goblins and Zombies have been exhausted as options for cheap expendables, my guess is either Ungors or Bretonnian Peasants.

    3. Night goblins are off the menu?! Bugger. ;-)

    4. You wanna do this on here, huh? OK. I love your tag "instant hoard" (sic). Here's some suggestions - any of which I can give you in person at the Boot and all of which are in no hurry to be returned to me, ie no reliance on Wait! Wait a minute Mr Postman!, and can therefore be presented at WoffBoot X or some such:

      Latest edition Spacehulk genestealers
      Gnoblar horde
      Plague monks
      Any Empire infantry unit of your choosing!

      If none takes your fancy, I'm sure I can muster other suggestions given time... ;-)

    5. Ooo! Well, Empire Greatswords or any lesser footsoldiery are tempting, I'd like to have a crack at something a bit more unified and regimented than my usual squalid stuff. And the Genestealers are a lovely lot with a fond place in my heart, so either of those two would be fine by me. Do you have colour schemes in mind?

    6. Genestealers received and understood!

      Paint schemes - if you'd prefer the classic purple and blue, let me know. Otherwise there's a chance they'll be getting a green and bone design that I've used as a signature in Dawn of War 2 games (for what that's worth to you as information). Not that I'm doing them any time soon, mind! Probably in time for the 'Boot, and I'll double check with you before painting.

    7. I shall!

      Kas and I had a couple of nostalgic rounds of Space Hulk over the weekend. The genestealers won every time, which could be attributed to the models, I reckon.

      Cheers for the bases too - I've sent a bag of what I could get from my bits box. There weren't as many 20mm bases as I'd hoped, I know we'd spoken about that as an exchange at some point. But there were fifteen or so, and I've padded it out with some Imperial Guard heavy weapons (a surprise find - a full sprue of them in an old box) and some plastic sci-fi scenery stuff. And the last of the original GW plastic skellies, I found that kicking about in Space Hulk!

    8. Very generous - thank you. I'll look forward to my next sojourn to Kas' to inspect my wares. :-)