Tuesday, 25 February 2014

In Glorious Technicolour Battalions

Just over half way...
Base coats and some inks down!

Excuse me! Yeah, look, I'm on the exchange program.
I'm looking for my travel buddy, the fimir, can anyone help me?


  1. HOW FAST?

    You must be painting at Danny Boyle Zombie Speed, not George Romero Zombie Speed.

    *forlornly returns to drybrushing half a boar every other evening*

  2. In Sweden, you can buy Van Hels Danse Macabre in a can.

  3. I gotta get me some of that!

  4. I *was* planning on waiting til the Boot to give you a project in person to take home (if you still had the appetite!) but now I might take Kas' lead... ;-)

  5. Well, if i somehow manage to maintain this gruelling pace, the unit might potentially be done by the weekend. I'm expecting it slow a lot as I get to detail and highlights, though, I've been slapping the paint on with a roller so far.