Saturday, 8 February 2014

Kafradin, is that you?

We only had to wait eight years after the campaign ended, and they finally release a miniature! I hope Leofa retained the character rights.

Still holding out for the Brother Barbados mini...

In all seriousness, after seeing the new Dwarf Gyrocopter, I think GW may have its own copyright issues to answer...

Arch-enemy of Sonic.


  1. You know, I looked everywhere to see if I could find a stereotypical undead Jamaican dreadlocked witch hunter. Nothing! Not even amongst pirate models, where I thought I might at least find one with a long coat and pistols. If only we had the wherewithal to plug that gap in the market, we could make a killing.

  2. Nice! I still prefer my trusty old metal conversion of him though :-)