Monday, 10 February 2014

Back Rank

A last few Marauders, and that's the last of my stock of 25mm bases used up. A total of 52 (hoard shot forthcoming), which ought to do me for now! 

In the Chaos Wastes, one head is never enough. 
You've done well. Have a gold star. 
What was I thinking? And why? The green stuff dried in a rather lopsided pose, sadly,
not what I'd intended. But close enough for me not to fret over degenerate unit filler. 
Skull iHelm! Now with built-in headphones
And that's the Khornate Marauders up to 25

I've still got tons more vikings on the sprue. I've not counted them, about another thirty or so at a guess, plus a few more actual marauder bodies. So I'll be adding more in due course, but not for a while. 

Two spare Tzeentchians
Hideous Scars! Superb.

Joining them are a pair of new spawn. Good to have a few spare, I reckon, just in case. These are conversions of the warshrine bearers, which I liked too much to leave them as mere pillars for something more eyecatching. Nothing fancy, just some spare bits of giant and a touch of green stuff to cover the flat bits where the shrine would usually rest.

Green-stuffed rocks, ready to pulverise someone

Every time I photograph my models, I feel irritated that the old Flesh Wash I use looks so streaky and yellow. It's much better in real life, I'd swear. But I thought I'd try a different approach for the first spawn, using a 50:50 mix of Abaddon Black and Dwarf Flesh as an undercoat then Dwarf Flesh as a heavy drybrush.

He's actually got a horrible fleshy bulb where his scrotum is.
I painted hair on it, because I'm gross. 

It's not great, actually, a bit too drybrushy (no surprise there) and needed touching up a lot. Disturbingly, his buttocks have come out rather splendidly.

The other one draws on my goblin palette:

Didn't manage a good photo with the whole model in focus, so here's just the head...
...and here's what's holding it up.
Also, what it's holding up. 

He was a bit monochrome in the end, so he got tiger stripes to break him up a bit. Blue tiger stripes, he's chaotic.

Might do a couple of stripes on his hump too, not sure. 

 That leaves my 'to do' list for the WoC army done! I've had some interest in my hired brush offer, though, so I may have some zombies to do for Kas. Because that's exactly what his Vampires need, more summon fodder.


  1. Fantastic Spawn - that axe in the back is just the cherry on top (so to speak). It looks properly freakish and dangerous (unlike... I'm casting my mind back to the mid-90s embarrassment that was the 'tiger-centaur-with-tentacled-arm' - less a creature of malevolence, more an escapee from the Wuzzles).

    And the Marauder with the goat-skill head and purple arms - I hope you'll be sculpting a mixing deck for him? ;-)

  2. Chaos dubstep attack WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB

  3. And why has Kasfunatu got you drybrushing zombies when he claims to be fielding Daemons?

    Is this another of his 'look-at-my-newly-painted-daemonettes-oops-I'm-fielding-Khorne' bait-and-switch tactics?

  4. I... I don't know! I hadn't thought about it. The Vampire Counts are being fielded, though, aren't they? Maybe it's a second-hand request? Maybe he's discovered a rules loophole that allows Tzeentchian armies to steal spells from the Vampire Counts Lore? Maybe he's fielding undead daemons?

  5. Great stuff! I have plenty of spare 25mm square bases for when you get round to basing the remaining vikings (in fact, I could do with trading for 20mm bases as I've run out!).

    1. Ah well now, I've got thirty-plus of those! I'll bring them along to the 'Boot. Speaking of which, Stylus and I were tossing a few ideas about for the WoffFluff - don't suppose you're anywhere near picking a team? No pressure at all, just casually wondering (rustles potentially useful army selections under table)