Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Brush For Hire

Just a quickie, this.

I'm relatively free right now, certainly in the evenings, and I'm confident that I could brag that I've got more painting time to hand than other Woffboot Generals in the coming two months.

I was thinking of asking General Kas if he wanted a block of Marauders and/or Chaos Knights painting up in advance, for purely selfish reasons. But then it struck me that I could offer something similar to anyone else who's got stuff they want coloured in but no free time.

If anyone wants anything, simply post it to me and I'll bring it along when I come to the 'Boot. I'd be delighted to do something that's a change from my usual mutants and marauders, even if it's relatively dull or simple base colours. So you pay their airfare, I'll provide tints and slog.

I feel entirely free to totally and hurriedly retract this offer in the face of massed (eg) Skaven Slave assaults! Anything up to a unit of thirty or so is fair game, though. More than that and I suspect the quality of any painting done will rapidly drop off.

Deploy the Paint Cannon
Let me know via the comments below!

NB Thanks to General Stylus for pointing out that I originally posted this to my other, non-gaming-related blog. So far none of my relatives have taken me up on the painting offer, but there's still time. 


  1. It's a tempting offer, but my armies are mostly metal, and the lumbar condition of your postman is well documented...

  2. True dat!

    No pressure - I'm not really expecting anyone to take it up, I know half the point of our hobby is painting it yourself. But happy to help out if anyone wants!

  3. Thanks for the offer :) I have nearly finished my "main unit" now. Also I have enlisted some child labour (daughter) to help with some of the base coating.

    So I am on schedule :)

  4. I always have painting that needs doing (as you know I'm far more the builder than the painter #gamingarchetypes). If this offer still stands (Skaven hordes notwithstanding) I'll def take you up on it!

  5. Certainly does stand! Kas has a unit of zombies he'd like done, but with two months to go I reckon I can take on another unit of something too. Bung 'em in the post and let me know what colours you want!

  6. I didn't want you getting bored :)
    Feel free to give up whenever another offer arrives.

  7. When Kas's model shelves are full, the dead will walk the earth

  8. Well, that's all fifty assembled. Now to paint the buggers.