Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Big Red Ones

I'm bored.

They go faster

Rather than continue painting my budding fanfic piece, 'Fifty Shades of Green', I've decided to break the mould and crank out a full spectrum of goblins. Blue and yellow yet to do, with maybe a pink one and an albino one in there somewhere. And turquoise. There will be turquoise.

Scab red undercoat, then layers of warlock purple, blood red and dwarf flesh + blood red highlights.
Hair, weapons and loinclothes as previous, although a little extra highlighting for the leather
to stand out against the red

The end is now in sight for the goblin hoard. There's more paint than plastic in the box now, which feels good. Only if I don't count the huge sheets of scenery, of course, which are as dull and fiddly to paint as you'd expect large expanses of wood speckled with tiny bones to be.

Five goblins bring me to the obligatory dwarves. Weirdly, I'm actually starting to find them more of a drudge than the gobboes - they're demmed fiddly when you get down to them. And of course they keep reminding me of the film *twitch*.

I'm Palin! Vote Tea Party!

I am Salin
I am Salin
Home again
Cross the sea


  1. Persevere with the goblins - you're creating a great palette, and when you're done, you'll never want for random, expendable underlings again.

    That Dwarf with the slingshot was Ori, if memory serves. Certainly among the top three most annoying of Thorin's Company, with scant consolation that he ends up getting eaten by a giant octopus outside Moria.

    1. I don't think I've ever struggled for expendable underlings, in all honesty, esp. with the 45 marauders I've got as well! But it will be good to have a fully painted set.

      Ori it is. He deserves that haircut.