Monday, 6 May 2013

Cut and Paste

Very quick post - I'm on my way out - but I just read a rather thought-provoking article referenced from a Guardian story and wanted to share.

How long before we can save up together and buy ourselves a printer, learn to use it, and never darken the doors of our dark overlords again? And then sell all our new intellectual property on Kickstarter for a mint, of course.


  1. "...a practitioner might spend $50 on a single, intricately detailed model, and a dozen hours of his life painting it with painstaking precision."

    What a loser.

    (It's got to be two dozen hours, minimum)

  2. I suppose it's a matter of time before GW just start selling templates for their stuff to people with printers anyway. DIY Dark Angels, sort of thing.

    1. Yes, they're famed for their liberal perspective of their own intellectual property.

      Perhaps they will bring out a custom 3D printer that will only produce their own templates.