Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Yolk's on You

What? Nobody has posted a picture of a goblin here in over two weeks? This cannot stand! Lemon goblins! Attack!

A refreshing citrus zing.

 As promised, I am slowly tinting a full spectrum of goblins, with this rather spurious eggy look as the latest. I'm also beginning to run out of goblins. This is good news for everybody.

Quite rightly, they call him Psycho Yellow.

Rhubarb sold separately.

Yellow, I found, is hard to do well as a base colour. Hard to highlight, anyway. My plan was to start with a mid-brown undercoat (Graveyard Earth), keep that as the base and use Golden Yellow, then Bad Moons Yellow with a bit of white for highlighting. It works to an extent, if only because they look like they've never seen the clear light of day. This makes total sense when you consider their lifestyle, so I feel vindicated.

When Goblins Get Liver Disease

My usual yellow spots wouldn't work, so I've tried a bit of Space Wolf Grey with Drakenhof Nightshade as a wash, hoping to get a sick pustule look. I think it needs an extra highlight over the top, it's not a good blend at the moment.

Or pupils. I could just paint pupils on them and call it a day.

Yesterday, I had the delight of watching the first trailer for Hobbit 2 - Revenge of Fran Walsh. From what I understand, the two stalwart fellows below enjoy a day out at a water park with their chums whilst flying elves plot the overthrow of the known world.

Meanwhile, Magneto and (struggles briefly to find alternative but well-known characters from McCoy's career; fails) That Guy From Tiswas discover a plot by jealous scriptwriters to twist a series of knives in the recently-exhumed corpse of a beloved writer.

I understand Lily Evangeline has gone on record as saying that many fans will hate her character, Tauriel, regardless of what she does with it. This strikes me as like a member of the Titanic's crew saying "many passengers will hate the quantities of our lifeboats, regardless of whether we get there or not." Whilst it's an accurate prediction, it's not exactly going to deflect any incoming icebergs.

'It seems, Jetli, that this was a bridge too far.'
'No, Chunli, You're wrong. That was a good film and we aren't in one.'


  1. Tangy!

    And now that the WoffBoot is clearly developing an Arts & Culture section, I shall insist upon a full review of Hobbit II: The Desecration of the Source Material.

    "struggles briefly to find alternative but well-known characters from McCoy's career"


  2. Well, the Doctor obviously, but I'd used that in a previous post and wanted to find something else. There wasn't anything he's done any of us would recognise, apart from the Fool in Lear, and that seemed a little... highbrow? for this blog, I felt.

    I feel as though I could review the Hobbit now and give a perfectly accurate opinion. But I'll hold fire. Venom is best served well-brewed.

  3. McCoy also presented "What's Your Story" in 1988 - a sort of crowd-sourced 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Jackanory where the CBBC viewers would send in their suggestions for how the story should go.

    It was, predictably, about as good as you could imagine any story written by a committee of 10 year-olds would be.

    And they didn't even roll a D6. Amateurs.