Friday, 3 May 2013

Da Tally of Ouch-Makin'

The dust has settled on WoofBoot VII, and once again, I engage in the traditional naval-gazing of my army...

(as opposed to the army-gazing of my navy, which I seldom do)

Bonekrunk Stonesplitter

Savage Orc Warboss

168 points

Battle Honours

Great Eagle, Glade Guard, Dryads, Hell Pit Abomination, Chaos Ogres, Hammerers.

As with the preceding greenskin army, I couldn't resist the temptation to go for full warboss (the model helped swing my decision) and he proved to be something of a mauler in close combat.

While he would be expected to shatter the fragile elves, he also had no trouble taking down Monsters, Monstrous Infantry (single-handed, when there was nothing else for it) or Elite Infantry. You name it, he'd pick up his six S6 dice and pound it to gristle.

... assuming he lived long enough to strike a blow, that is. Poor Bonekrunk died in three of the five battles - two of which were in close combat (I'll overlook the unfortunate final turn when a crossbow volley of five '1's managed to pluck him out the ranks). Both K'zak's killing blow and Queek's barrage of special rules were enough to bring him down - although I think both would have struggled to endure his counter-strokes. So next time, I'd want to look at an Initiative-booster, like the Golden Sigil Sword.

As for his other qualities. I forgot to use his Waaagh! power in all but one of my battles (very bad time to remember a one-off special rule - heading into a crucial fight when the blood's pumping), and I didn't notice his Ld 9, which implies I was passing a lot of tests, making it an invaluable asset.

Final Grade

Bring 'Em On.



Savage Orc Shaman, Lv 2

105 points

Battle Honours

Spellweaver, Clanrats, Dwarf Warriors.

Hmm - hard to argue with a spell that took out the Wood Elf general in the first turn (and pretty much decided the battle then and there), but I found the Lore of the Big Waaagh! a bit uninspiring.

'Eadbutt (the enemy wizard takedown) was very useful, but situational (I also got it against the Dwarves). Gaze of Mork (a low-strength signature spell) is a bit rubbish. Fists of Gork turned the Shaman into a combat brute, but savage orcs probably didn't need that much help to beat Clanrats.

'Ere We Go! would have been lovely, but I never rolled it. Hand of Gork was useful (and could have been more so, if I used it better).

Most disappointing was the 'big' spell Foot of Gork - not because it stepped on my own unit (par for the course with greenskins), but it is such a high-cost spell to roll - and then requires the scatter dice to actually do damage. I'd expect a bit better for my 18+/21+

I often found myself rolling for spells that I didn't really care about - which made the miscasts a bit harder to bear. Compared to the other spell decks I was facing, I couldn't shake the impression that I had got the fuzzy end of the magical lollipop.

Next time, I'd be tempted to save the points and ramp up the close-combat mayhem.

Final Grade

Big Waaagh! Deal


Da Bone 'Eads

19 x Savage Orc Big 'Uns

229 points

Battle Honours

Bloodletters (partially damaged)Great Eagle, Glade Guard, Dryads, Hell Pit Abomination, Queek Headtaker, Stormvermin, Warpfire Thrower, Marauder Horsemen (partially damaged), Chaos Ogres, Dwarf Hammerers.

How did they do? Look at list of things they killed - Waaagh!

I bloody love this unit, and to think I nearly didn't field the upgrade. They did themselves proud in the tournament, pulverizing all before them, and nearly always left standing at the end. They even battered the dreaded horde of Bloodletters - until a flank charge of Bloodcrushers set up the patented Khornite Killbox (we've all been there).

With the warboss' leadership to restrain them when required, the Frenzy worked well to keep them immune to psychology until they got into combat. The warpaint ward came in useful more than once. Their frenzied attacks and Choppa strength were devastating - although there were occasions when they were able to win combat without either.

Their only stroke of fortune against the run of play was the Insane Courage that held them against Queek's Stormvermin. Other than that, they made their own luck - which usually meant picking up 20 dice at S5 and watching the pensive look on the opponent's face.

The only amendment I would make would be to add a Boss to the unit - having someone else to accept challenges would have saved my warboss on at least one occasion.

Final Grade

Go Big. Or Go Home.


Da Brave 'Arts

19 x Savage Orcs

206 points

Battle Honours

Spellweaver, Clanrats, Dragon Ogres (partly damaged), Dwarf Warriors.

They didn't embarrass themselves, and proved useful against the Skaven and Dwarves (note: Frenzied troops with extra hand weapons are very good at assaulting buildings, since you can bring even more attacks to bear than usual).

They also had some rotten luck from above - a Foot of Gork stamping down, a dead Giant landing directly on top of them - but to be honest, they cost as much as the Big 'Uns and didn't fulfil nearly the same potential.

My fault - if I wanted a bunker for my shaman, or a diversionary unit, I could have gone with something cheaper (goblins or a small unit of archers). And if I wanted some more combat potential, I could have ditched the shaman and given them a Big Boss or a Big Stabba, which would bring them closer to the Big 'Uns.

Certainly their paltry S3 (without Choppas) was telling - they couldn't withstand a charge half as well as the Big 'Uns - and fell to both Bloodcrushers (who didn't?), Chaos Warriors and Dryads. I still think they're the one of the best 'average' combat troops, but maybe I need to use them better.

Final Grade

Maybe a little umbrella to protect them next time?


Da Streaky Wheelz

1 x Chariot

90 points

Battle Honours

Bloodletters (partially damaged), Treekin, Dryads, Hell Pit Abomination.

Never used a chariot before - but boy, I did enjoy smashing it into things!

It proved a nimble infantry support weapon, adding impact hits and high-strength crew/boar attacks to the fray.

Using it as a proxy for light cavalry, on the other hand, was less successful. One miserable flee distance meant that it jammed up my advance more surely than an Animosity fail.

It also proved to be a priority target (once the giant was dead) and so tended to attract cannonballs and hostile spells.

Only one thing for it: next time, I'll have to take two.

Final Grade

Ben Hur Hur Hur...


Busta, da Big Green


200 points

Battle Honours

Treekin, Hell Pit Abomination, Dragon Ogres (partially damaged)Hammerers (partially damaged)

I don't even know if he was worth the points - but I would take him again in a heartbeat.

Mobile on the field, hopelessly unpredictable in combat, a danger to himself and others, I did enjoy putting the giant through his oversized paces.

He died in four of the battles (and was down to his last wound in the fifth), so was a real focus of the opponent's attention (thus sparing my other troops, who usually got off lightly). With nowhere to hide and nothing to protect him, that's probably the best way to use him: a massive meat-shield that is too dangerous to ignore.

And while his random attacks may not be as deadly as, say, a Hell Pit Abomination (bah!), there is a lot of fun in explaining to someone that they can't fight back now, because they've been Yelled at. Or they're failed to dodge the massive club, so I'll now be rolling for the number of wounds caused.

(In my defence, I think I have tried to accurately depict the attacks on the model - if that club doesn't scream 'D6 Wounds', I don't know what does)

If I could have afforded it, I would have slapped a bit of warpaint on him - for character as much as the ward save. If I want to try other units, he may have to come out of a 1,000pt army, but his style and appearance suits the army perfectly, so he'll be galumphing out again.

Final Grade

Don't make me Yell And Bawl. You wouldn't like me when I Yell And Bawl.


General Stylus

Commanding Officer

Battle Honours

Defeat (Daemons), Victory (Wood Elves), Victory (Skaven), Defeat (Warriors of Chaos), Defeat (Dwarves).

I can't complain about any of the results. My victories were swung by some very fortunate dice rolls, but I think it evened itself out over the tournament.

Interesting that, unlike previous years, none of my wins were strong enough to count as massacres (despite there being plenty to go around).

That might be a reflection of the "rock 'em, sock 'em" fighting style of the Savage Orcs that, even in victory, leaves a trail of destruction in their wake. Love it.

The WoffBoots make for great painting motivation, and I'll have a new army for next year, but I won't be putting away my green paint just yet.

Final Grade

Feel the Fourth

I'm all about the consistency.

In short, I've gone green, and I'm not going back.

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