Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Green Glow the Goblins O

I'm now just over half way through the Hobbit box. This means most of what's left is repeat goblins. Joy.

Another shade of green for these ones - bilious green, with a blue wash and yellow highlights. They've come out kind of skinky, which I like. It's like what happened when Kermit's children started inbreeding.

One had a green wash instead, Grinnah the character goblin with his whip. He got a Goblin Green and Rotting Flesh highlight instead, to mark him out as a dull traditionalist.

Five goblins? That makes it Dwarf o' clock.

"It's standing right behind me, isn't it? Right behind me."

Back to Chaos for the next models, I think. I have greenskin fatigue.


  1. "Kraken Wakes: Painting Goblins So You Don't Have To"

    Any plans to include that splendid new model of Radagast's Bunny Sled? It could double up a lovely Chaos chariot.

  2. I would rather sew living scorpions into my own scrotum than in any way endorse that wretched model of a most wretched interpretation of Tolkein's sainted works.