Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Last of the Savage Big 'Uns

Say that quick enough and it could be a novel by James Fenimore Cooper...

The standard bearer and musician were repainted from my original unit. This saved a little time, as I didn't need to repeat eyes or bone necklaces. Although I had to completely re-do the skin (the earlier ones were a much harsher green) to make them fit the others, and remove their red/blue tattoos. Other repainted bits included yellow bracelets, blue banner poles and red toenails.

(Red toenails - what was I thinking? Were these Orcs getting ready for Saturday night clubbing? The other kind, that is.)

Savage Orc Big 'Uns
The plastic standard was taken from the Goblin sprue.
Orcs have no standards. This is a goblin joke.

Other amends I made since painting the first batch of Savage Big Uns: I removed the jawbone tattoos, as it was messing with the look of their faces too much. Each unit will have a different style of tattoo, so I'm glad to have painted my last skull-face.

Savage Orc Big 'Uns
Skulls are tricky - I don't know why Baron Samedi from Live and Let Die was so cheerful,
 when he had to apply that slap every night.

I also changed the colour of the severed heads that almost half the unit carry around their necks. The original pink was distracting from the colour scheme and, after a moment's thought about the fluff, I wondered where the Savage Orcs would get access to so much pale flesh in the south?

Toned the severed heads down to Graveyard Earth, with a Brown Ink wash, works much better. Clearly these Savage Orcs stocked up from a passing Araby caravan on their way to the Big Fight (WoffBoot VII) in the North.

Savage Orc Big 'Uns
Don't worry that the one on the right is blurry -
there's a whole other regiment of models just like him.

Indeed, the original heads on the banner top were pale green - I must have been trying to avoid pink, while going on the assumption that the humans had been up there a while.

So that's all the painting done. Once I get them flocked, magnetised and based, the unit is finished.

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