Thursday, 21 February 2013

Da Bone 'Eadz

"Da biggest an’ meanest Orcses. Dey fights wiv extra choppas to get in sum proper crumpin'. No uvver mob is as ’ard as da Bone 'Eadz."

"Also, dey paintz their 'eads wiv skullz, which iz symbolic of the phenomenology of self-consciousness. Waaagh!"

Savage Orc Big 'Uns
And for the next trick: a Quest for Fire

It took a bit of creeping forward, step by step, but I have finally finished the first of my Savage Orc units - the kernel of my Savage Waaagh! - the Big 'Uns.

The basing material was plain sand (expensive modelling sand, naturally, not from any old beach - you don't know where it's been) and some tufts of static grass (the 'dead grass' variety). The movement tray was Armageddon Dust texture paint with an Agrax Earthshade wash and more dead grass.

It was my first proper deviation from the two-decades basing technique of Dark Angels Green, with green flock over the top (from a bag that, seven hundred bases later, is still going strong). I'm quite pleased with the way these turned out: the dusty plains of the Badlands where the most feral greenskins dwell.

Looking at the grass and you can almost hear the hushed
Attenborough tones: "The rains are late..." 

In gaming terms, back when I dreamed up this army, Big 'Uns weren't seen as much of an option. However, the 8th ed army list seems to have made them, not only viable, but actually desirable (they certainly did Kraken's army no harm at WoffBoot VI). The only sad omission is that Savage Orc Big 'Uns can't have a magic banner (whereas regular Big 'Uns can). I'd be more accepting of this fact if I wasn't sure it was a typo.

So that's one unit I can cross off my list (unless I go back and decide that I really need to model a Big Stabba ... which isn't out of the question), and a good chunk of my WoffBoot VII army done.

Frenzy and Animosity... I can already hear my plans falling into pieces.

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