Monday, 6 December 2021

Crypt Command


First part of the commish finished! 

Nice to paint some traitors again. Chaos models tend to have a lot more going for them in terms of detail and gnarliness compared to vanilla marines. Not that I don't enjoy painting those too, but it was a while since the last properly evil Crypt Angels. 

First up - the Master of Possession, who is a great sculpt. Glad to have a second go at him, I really enjoyed my Alpha Legion version. 

Next, another shouty man on fire. The Dark Apostle with his Disciples is another set of great sculpts, and a really good opportunity to practice flames. Or a massively daunting prospect, depending on how you view painting fire, I guess. I chose the former. 

There's no cloak back there, just more wiring. 

And finally, an absolute pig to paint - Mr Mechadendrites himself, the Warpsmith. This is a finecast resin model entirely composed of spindly tentacles. Even picking him up send spasms of tentative fear through me in case I broke something and had to superglue it on again. In the end, it only happened four times, and I feel like I got off lightly that no actual parts snapped in two, it was all across existing joints. At least he looks good!

On Tau the next batch! 


  1. Good stuff! The new heretic characters are lovely to work with.

  2. They are lovely models, and very nicely painted too: I do like the pink robes ;-)