Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Green and Bear It

Still keeping it green here.

The last of this Ork warband is done! I hear interesting rumours ahead for the Ork Codex in a month or two. Always liked the Orks as a faction (and their models), so it'll be good if they get a really decent book to boost them back to their rightful place as a major threat to the Imperium.

Ork Nobz up first, so you can write your own gags for the next few paragraphs. I'm done.

[insert nob jokes here]

This is a pair of Deffkoptaz, I think? Not sure which box set they come from, they aren't currently appearing on the GW site anywhere. Something from last edition, perhaps, one of the campaign sets. Nice models, anyway, and I'm particularly pleased with the rusty metal on these. Typhus Corrosion over the whole model, then sponged with Leadbelcher, washed with watery Deathclaw Brown and given a light drybrush of Runefang Silver. Quick and effective.

Ride of the Vorkalrees
"I am da smell of napalm in da mornin'!"
"Dun DUN da dun dun derrrr, dun da dun dun derrr, dun da dun dun derrrr, dun da dun dunnnnn!"

Finally, their Warboss, a chunky and imposing chap. Dunno how he intends to use that brace duelling pistols slung over his back when his entire left hand is a massive pair of scissors, but it clearly isn't worrying him.

"Righto chaps, form a phalanx and watch the flanks, we'll advance steadily in cover towards that ridge."

And that's the lot! Altogether, it looks like a few hundred points worth of Orks. No idea how it would handle on the field, but I'd imagine it would benefit from either a lot more bodies or a clutch of vehicles to support. Wait for the Codex to see, I guess!

"Oi, ya littul runt! Da Boss sed wait!"

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  1. The Deffkoptas (and everything else, I think) are from the Assault on Black Reach box - the starter set for 5th Edition 40k.

    They've aged well, and now I feel bad for neglecting my Orks.