Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Future's not Orange

You must have heard by now. There's a new 40K coming.

Yeah, we're back, witches.

I mention this partly to excuse my last ditch painting project, which was to finally get round to basing my Inquisitorial warbands. Worth doing, although a massive strain not to start updating their paint jobs. It wasn't that I did a particularly bad job of them, more than I know I could do much better now. But it's a slippery slope, an unravelling thread, a tube of pringles if you will - once I get started down the repainting road, I'll not be home again swiftly.

This new 40K, though, that's got me interested and excited enough to actually consider fixing a new army up.

From what GW are leaking steadily through their social media site, the new version is very recognisably Age of Sigmar in terms of rules. Datasheets with all the numbers and rules for each unit, which is a massive help for starters. Psychic and Morale phases that seem pretty similar too. And claims of a role for every model, that everything can kill everything* and that the factions are better balanced out of the gate.

What's not to like, in all honesty? 40K was always my favourite of the two fluffs. AoS has done a fine job of making its own setting, but it's still not a patch on the Old World, even if (HERESY!) it's a better game than WFB in many regards. Grimdark AoS with intact fluff and a simpler, faster ruleset certainly has my vote.

Bell, book and bolter. Only without the bell and a second, much larger bolter instead.

Now, I still have no money to get new shinies, hence overhauling what I have left. Inquisitors are pretty fun in 40K current ed, but they aren't really an army by themselves. You need ranks of Imperial Guard or Marines to back them up, and that's where I'd be falling short. Obviously I've got ambitions again now. Like a couple of squads of Stormtroopers for rank and file, maybe some Skitarii fire support, a Valkyrie flyer for evacs. And a Stormlord to swank about in, because if it's fantasy money, why not?

Image result for stormlord tank
This is a transport, the kind that Chimeras want to be when they grow up.

Image result for stormhammer tank
Or a Stormhammer! Because Guns!

But until the new rules are out and I've played them, nothing, of course. Except fighting the urge to repaint these last two smashers, who wriggled out of the leadpile for new bases. Again, fairly decent jobs given that I didn't really shade or highlight much back then. But I can't forgive the heavy coat of splodgy varnish that's the real sin here.

Look at that sword tip. Shocking. I mean burning.

Nope, it's no good. They're getting redone.

Great! Just in time for a new and probably far more detailed model of this guy to get released.

Oh yeah, and it's the 'Boot this weekend. Time to print my warscrolls. Or paint something. One of the two. In the meantime, Woffbooters, any of you ready to claim your Newty K army in advance of the coming year?

*killing something slowly and inefficiently whilst taking terrible casualties still counts as killing it. Just ask World War One.


  1. I'll claim the new Primaris Space Marines... although I hear they're just sci-fi versions of Stormcast Eternals.

    1. Spayz Marines? Huh, typical noon. Scoff scoff.

    2. By which I of course mean noon. Glad I didn't undercut my scoffing in any way.

    3. Noob. Goddamn you autopilot.

    4. It's so sad when bad things happen to good put-downs.