Monday, 8 May 2017

Cold Northern Warbands

The North has Risen Again!

Haulr the Long

Warbands of the Cold North III, the Kickstarter that Red Box Games ran just before Christmas, made me wonder how I'd missed out on the first two. Really good models, and (with Christmas money) a decent price. Sucker for a Barbarian crew as I am, I opted in for a set of ten.

Bå Derekr
Aelfi Archr
Karin Foddr

Four months later, they arrived. And now I've painted them. Lovely sculpts - I went for lead, as it was cheaper, and it was rather nice to be doing lead minis again. Blast from the past that, although I have seen lead (or white metal, anyway) creeping back in as a cost-effective option on a few model dealers lately. Mierce amongst them, sadly for my wallet.

Shiela Wål
Heathr Gardr
The models can speak for themselves, really. I painted them alongside the Knights, which is why they seem to have materialised so quickly since Friday. To contrast with my other Vikings, as well as the other two Frostgrave bands I've done, they have blue and red as their principal colours. These are hopefully relatively authentic Sami colours, which is what I trying to copy for the markings and bands of colour as well. "Norwegian?" was Mrs Kraken's guess, and that's good enough for me (if not, probably, for the Sami). She then went on to explain that their clothes weren't ornate enough, at which point I despaired of my freehand permanently.

Conrad the Reindeer Herdr
(Now with Longsword)
Wintr Kläder

I'm still owed one, actually, the Wizard's Apprentice missed delivery due to availability issues. The archer in the wolfskin here was a freebie from the nice people at Hasslefree (who also put candy in your packaging). She's probably supposed to have bare legs under those hotpants, but I reckon she's either got leggings on or just turned blue in the cold.

Baldr Yxa
Klaus Santr

Although Frostgrave, not that I ever play it these days, is what I was mostly thinking these guys would be great for, they'll also be good as Hearthguard for Saga, I thought. Not that I play that much either, come to think of it. Good job painting minis is such a practical use of my time.

Nearly 'Boot time...


  1. And in fact their latest kickstarter is underway, for more warband members, this time with an 'aenglish' feel.

    1. I could do with playing a saga of SAGA at some point.