Sunday, 16 April 2017

Final Level

Well, that didn't take long.

Something like 16 months from delivery to shelf. These guys were still alive when it arrived, and now look at them.

Heraldry from left to right - the 14th Everton Foot, Teutonic Knights Templar and the Order of the Verdant Heart.

The final batch of Dungeon Saga is done!

As I'd already done one lot of Undead, I was trying quite hard to find new variations to try for my own lot. So eerie green spooks instead of traditional bedspreads this time...

The spooky glow effect is pretty hit and miss, sadly. In some lights they look like jade statues, in others like seaweed. But they'll do.
Everyone knows elves go blue when turned to the undead.

...and I reckoned I'd do Dwarven Wraiths instead of Revenants. A middle ground between the Return of the King's Army of the Dead (which has an excellent GW plastic kit, by the way) and Pirates of the Caribbean's scurvy crew.

You'd best start believing in Dwarves, missy. You're in one!
No, that doesn't work at all.
They've all got the same shield, as befits their elite bodyguard unit status.
Look closely at this hand, ladies and gentlemen - completely empty! The hammer has vanished into this air!

A final pair of heroes, with the diminutive Halfling Fighter and the stout Dwarven Barkeep.

Morph goes Medieval
I'll have a large one, barman. No offense to your people, of course.

And a table, because Stylus needs taunting.

Taunt taunt.

What with this being Easter weekend, I've even had time for a little Reaper in passing.

Although first I had to do this bugger, after I discovered him lurking in amongst the other Reaper stuff. I balked at doing him the same colours as all the other hybrids, so he got his own  purple and green scheme. Maybe the Cults do an exchange scheme or something.
On Saturday, he ate one dwarven cleric, one human barbarian, one elven wizard and one half-orc druid. That night, he had a stomach ache.
The Reaper stuff occasionally reveals lovely details once you wash it, things that the pale plastic makes it impossible to spot. The Carrion Crawler above, for example, has a slime trail on its base I hadn't noticed before. This Sea Hag's hunchback turned out (splendidly) to be a pet octopus clinging to her shoulder. 
This is Sophie, the Reaper trademark mascot, in one of her many pin-up model incarnations. One of the less sleazy ones, happily, although I've covered up her midriff with a black body stocking. Only because I didn't spot the belly button until too late, rather than prudishness. She's come out a bit bland, the wings need a more orangey pop and maybe some spot colours on the bodywork somewhere, but it's a nice model otherwise.
Finally the Rising Sun kickstarter last month got me feeling inspired. They'd got some amazing paintwork to show off the sculpts, and I felt like doing this Monk in a bright colour scheme. My prudish streak is really out in force this week, I seem to have given him silver nipple guards in the mistaken belief that they were buckles. Hope he likes chafing.

It's a bit sad to see the end of the Dungeon Saga slog, in some ways. I've grown accustomed to their faces over time (their blobby, poorly defined faces). Luckily I still have a ready supply of doors and other furniture - I still need a bookstand for the full set, for one. There's certainly enough to be going on with for now, mind you, and I shall leave you to rest on my laurels with this big group shot.

I like to imagine them doing the big chorus numbers from 42nd Street together.

And now off to the shelf, never to be seen again.

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