Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Sheriff Fatman

Unclean! Unclean!

It's a lot smaller than it looks on the box.

The End Times models never looked better than the Nurlgle ones, in my opinion. Not that I didn't like the Stormfiends, Nagash and his boys and Archaon's ascension to giant chaos dragon. But the Nurgle stuff was the best. It stuck with the original fluff whilst updating the models to new extremes. 

Fly runes aplenty. Someone's sacrificed a nice juicy heart on this one.
Here's one made of skulls.

And another one.

And another one. Just to test yourself, see if you can guess how many skulls the Glottkin have modelled into their crevices between them. Answers in the comments below, and I'll give your the real answer some time next year once I've tallied them all.

So I was well pleased to get a commission to do the Glottkin from Kas. If I was a bit iffy about the model at the time it came out, the years have mellowed me. Back then, it seemed busy. Too much going on, especially at the top, and rulewise it was a bit of a flop. Huge, tough, killy and entirely too vulnerable to getting wasted by the cray-cray spells that 8th Ed End Times Magic was made up of. 

"Hot dogs! Hot Dogs!"

It's like a tiny jacuzzi for Nurglings.

Different story now, I think. A massive damage soaking tank that spews regenerative magic and bile in equal measure? Yes please. Lots of points, otherwise I'd consider it for the Woffboot, but I'd like to see it in action at some stage. I can think of some damn Tzeentchians who could tempt it out for a stroll in the future...

I've painted some pretty gross model taints in my time. This rotting modesty cloth covers the bulbous horrors of the Glottkin's nether region, but not well enough. It is Fugly back there, I'm telling you.

Seeing as I'd done yellow pimples on the Maggoth rider, I went for blood blisters this time round. Abaddon Black, sloppy Red Ink wash overlapping the nearby tissue a bit, a Ulthuan Grey highlight and then BftBG over the top. Don't Google boils like I did, but take my word for it that this is closer to what massive boils look like in real life than the yellow ones.

Anyway, the painting. A three-stage effort, this, he's actually been under way for two months. I did the hunchback-riding brothers during my marathon spree in February, and they've already appeared on GW's Flickr feed since then. 

Here's Otto, the brother with the inevitable scythe.
Just as blobby from behind, too.
This is Ethrac, the sorcerous one.

Nobbles and skulls and pimples, check. Lopsided horns, check. Fly rune, check. Tentacles and maggots, check. I'm not criticising here, GW, just saying good job with sticking to the IP, that's all.
And here's Ghurk, who we've been admiring all along, really.
He really is pretty massive. The riders will get magnets in due course, but he can happily be fielded as a Great Unclean One until the new one comes along later this year. I'm going to predict that one will be more like the original art, fatter round the bottom and not as tall as this guy. But we'll see.
All aboard!

Just time for a little spot the difference challenge, as I leave you for this month. Still more of Kas's giant models left to do, but only a few to go.


  1. Titanic effort, full of corpulent goodness.

    And now you've got me randomly humming lyrics from Carter USM. It can happen anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

  2. It's actually pretty easy to take lyrics from Sheriff Fatman and pretend they're box blurbs for Glottkin, e.g. Six foot six and a hundred tons, he'll take your teeth as a deposit, dead heads and cracked heads, etc etc

  3. Heh - the toilets aren't healthy