Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Vigorish Allsorts

As bags go, this week's painting haul was a mixed one.
Various odds and sods needed finishing off, but I also wanted to do some conversions to keep it varied. First up were a few models I'd been putting off.

More doors. There are always more doors.

Servo skulls are small and therefore fiddly, and seven felt like quite a lot. Some were so fragile they felt like a good drybrush might flick them off their base, so I only did bad drybrushing to compensate.

Valendor was next, the great dull slab of beefcake from the Mantic Kickstarter expansion pack. Jeez, what a wasted opportunity. You want a big armoured hero covered in scrolled armour, looking godly and heroic? Go and look at a Stormcast Eternal. You want something converted freehand into 3D from early eighties Manga, then Valendor here is your man.

Okay, the cloak is a good place to practice freehand, I'll give it that. Because it's nearly flat as the base. I have another copy of this model to paint yet, and goddammit, I'm very tempted to paint it as a statue rather than slog through this bugger again. Maybe a more vivid colour scheme might help it more, I don't know.

To stop the Reaper rubber pile from feeling left out, here's a beetle:

Not much to say about this lazy black and red chap. Mostly achieved with gloss varnish.

And then I'm still whisking through the Mantic Orcs, and after this set of nine, I'm nearly done.

Moraxes (why give them swords if they're named after their habit of taking more axes?)
Skulks - one was missing a head, and is now Dorc Vader with the addition of an old Chaos Warrior head
Another troll. I feel like I'm always painting this model.

Then more Mantic duplicate heroes, the Paladin and Thief I've done before.

Some slightly more fun bits of Space Marine gear, also including some Space Hulk markers:

Goblet, Teleport Homer and CAT 

Two more Teleport Homers, a Sword Familiar and a Jokaero Weaponsmith

And then finally the converted stuff, which is more Frostgrave Barbarian fodder, this time converted mildly with Chaos Marauder heads and weapons, as well as a Mind Flayer wizard conversion.
A trio of thuggish types

Someone with some fancy wargear (Space Marine Dreadnought armour plate, I think)
The Brain Flayer from Caverns of the Snow Witch

And that's all I had time for this week. Next month - Eldar. Told you I was keeping up with GW's release schedule.


  1. I should have known that trying to steal a march with the Galahir set would awaken the Kraken. My doors will be forever unpainted.

    Although, a Sneak without a head? That's some shoddy QA on Mantic's part - either I was fortunate with my KS set, or you got unlucky.

    And an honest-to-goodness Jokaero! This is some Inquisitor set you're building on the sly...

    1. Well, I was never really asleep, you know, just battening upon huge sea worms.

      I did later find the head, but only after I'd glued the new one on. Typical. Used to happen in my medical days a lot too.

      All my Inquisitorial servoskulls are long-since painted. Might be time to revisit and rebase them, though, after the Imperial Agents list last year. This lot is all for the Venal Swords, Leofa's renegade brigade.