Sunday, 1 January 2017

Cowboys vs Aliens

Happy International Start-As-You-Mean-To-Go-On Day!

Now witness the firepower of this ARMED and FULLY OPERATIONAL no wait the safety's still on

Always good to finish a commission. Sad though I am to see the back of the Genestealers, it'll be good to set to work on something a little less regimented. Forty-odd models in pretty much exactly the same paint scheme always leaves me feeling cramped, however much I liked it.

The last few are another seven late generation hybrids with their guns and gear. Lots of fine detail on these guys, from their dynamite sticks to their elaborate webbing. Worth picking it out, too, even if it's an eyestrain.

The Abominations are next, hulking blends of man and genestealer that have clearly gone down the wrong genetic path at some point.

Wait, blend in? I thought you said 'Blend Them'. 

And finally, the big man himself, Daddy Genestealer.

He was the worst of the Mohicans
I only just noticed that he has almost exactly the same silhouette as the cultists' dangly icons. Nicely played, GW.
The card you are thinking of is... the four of diamonds!

For my own collection, I've sorted out a bit of plastic Reaper. Models that are unlikely to ever get used in any game I currently own, these are still nice and characterful pieces.

I nearly played in a Savage Worlds RPG campaign once, in a Weird West setting. The last model here is my favourite sculpt of the four, and the nearest to the Colonel I rolled up, who I decided had leprosy as a character perk. Perk obviously in its loosest sense here, but it let me take some godawful other bonus that gave him tons of extra damage. A bonus so expensive I had to actually take a second flaw to afford it, so I chose one that would helpfully shoot the nearest hero in the group if I rolled too many ones. Always the team player, me. Probably lucky I never made it to the table for that one.

Forward into the New Year! Everyone looking forward to the 40K End Times?
Who knows, there might be a cowboy planet in the next edition. And no Space Marines. #dreamondreamer

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  1. Hot diggity, them's some purdy figures. WestWorld RPG anyone?