Sunday, 22 January 2017

Rebels Without Effect

Not much left of the giant 40K commission for Leofa left now. Barely a single army, in fact. Easy.

Four colour winter forest camo. Vaguely lke something the Germans used on their tanks in WWII. 

This week sees the rest of the Venal Swords, a mercenary-rebel-pirate marine warband. As before, camo patterns and non-standard paint jobs for all!

Zionist with a Power Fist.
Colour scheme inspired by the Church of the Eternal Flame in the Witcher.

Love the retro terminators. Really chunky and satisfying, with plenty of space for freehand if you're feeling inspired.

They came undercoated in Mechanicus Grey. So first job for all of them was Nuln Oil washes, then Dawnstone and Longbeard drybrushes. Other colours all went on over the top of that - it was easier than trying to highlight all the grey separately afterwards, and quicker too. Lazy = results.

This colour scheme came out nicely - yellow and grey go well together. Zamesi Desert with Seraphim Sepia wash and Bad Moon Yellow highlights. If (and I'm not ever going to, but if) I ever did a dark eldar jetbike gang for some reason, they'd be in these colours.

Tech support. They've tried turning him off and back on, and he's still deranged.

Confused, the tiny creature tried to rack the slide of what it assumed was a shotgun and sliced all its fingers off.

Obviously I'm secretly grinding my teeth that Stylus stole a march on me over the Galahir greenskins. Especially as he caught me slogging through a set of eight of the least rewarding models in the game, the Orclings and Mawbeasts.

Man, those Orclings! I was looking forward to them before I began. Never painted any snotlings, and I always liked the idea of them. Stylus is right, though, they are reliant on sitting next to someone else for a sense of scale. And their crowded bases are a bugger to paint.

They looked a little plain once they were done, so I put some stripes and spots on them.

The Mawbeasts did win me round, though, again like Stylus. Simple to paint, which always helps me like a model, and kind of cuddly looking. Not much like dogs, mind - my youngest daughter identified them as lions. She's right that they do say 'raaaaa', I guess.

Another troll, to keep them company...

The glop on the bases of these guys is Mournfang Snow given a lick of Green Ink and then drybrushed Niblet Green. Moss or slime, I'm hoping. It's not bad, and makes me wonder why there isn't a Citadel Technical for green ground. Probably because then they wouldn't sell as much flock, I suppose.

...and then a pair of heroes. These are duplicates of ones I've done before, but those were for Kasfunatu. Plus I needed them painted for the first level of the campaign next week!

Oops. Those arrows seem to be glowing in this shot. Well, clearly they're magic. Damn elves.

A short break from 40K next, I think, then on to the Eldar as I slowly creep towards finishing Dungeon Saga off.

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