Tuesday, 3 January 2017

EXT: Derelict Temple

Terrain! Whaddya know, it's a snowy ruin.

Dammit, this actually makes my tally for last year inaccurate. Went and bought it just before New Year's, didn't I? Dope. So minus one to progress for me, even if I knocked it out in less than a week.

The Ophidian Archway is one of the AoS terrain range pieces, and they're a nice lot on the whole. I've got my eye on the portals for the future, maybe a Numinous Occulum or Dragonfate Dais in time too? Mind you, that new Hobbit Laketown building is a smasher too. Plenty you could do with all those walkways.

For now, however, this has been done in the style of the last set of ruins I did, so greys with black and green. I really like the crumbling plaster facade on the interior, I tried to bring that out with whites as much as possible without clashing with the snow. Striking though their big gold serpent on the box art is, I didn't like it. Too flashy and clean for my taste, plus I felt someone would have nicked anything that valuable from a ruin, no matter how haunted. It sort of matches the White Dragon in my collection instead now, maybe as a nod to the fact that the dragon trashed this city? Maybe.

I also added a tiny altar under the Sigmarite hammer, made from the plastic cover that came over the end of an HDMI cable. The candle on it is green stuff, as is the thick ivy vine on the outside. That was there to cover the uneven joins more than anything, though. The corners of the piece have optional configurations so you can choose how the walls join, and they aren't so straight that there aren't whacking great big gaps. All covered nicely in the end.

Painting Guide:

  • Base Coat - Abaddon Black spray for the whole thing
  • Slate - Eshin Grey and Dawnstone drybrushing, a little Longbeard Grey for the edges. Green Ink wash over corners and the bottoms of walls, then Typhus Corrosion at the deepest bits of that
  • Dragon Carvings - Steel Legion Drab, then Karak Stone, Terminatus Stone, and Pallid Wych Flesh drybrushes in decreasing amounts. Same Green Ink/Typhus weathering treatment afterwards
  • Interior Walkway - Karak Stone, Agrax Earthshade wash (I'm stuck using gloss at the moment, my FLoGS had run out of normal temporarily. Nicer on metals, obviously, but perfectly fine on other stuff if used sparingly and matt varnished afterwards), Terminatus Stone and Tyrant Skull finish. White weathering powder dry rubbed over the top, then a solvent wash to set it in, then a light layer of watery PVA and a ground glass finish for an icy appearance
  • Crumbling Plaster Murals - Ushabti Bone, washed with the relevant ink or wash. The blue was very weak, I added a bit of Blue Grey in places to strengthen it. Pallid Wych Flesh drybrush after that, plus a little White Scar at the edges
  • Gold - Balthasar, Agrax Earthshade, Auric Armour layers and a Sigmarite drybrush finish
  • Candles - Wazdakka Red layered with Wild Rider
  • Flickering Arch Runes - Nihilahk Oxide and spots of very watered down White Scar into parts of each letter
  • Snow - PVA plus snow flock and white weathering powder, a little ground glass sprinkled here and there over the top before it dried. Some light use of powder on and round the snake facade too. 
  • Ivy - Dryad Bark on the green stuff trunk, then modelling ivy stuck on with PVA afterwards

Man, I am jonesing for a big scrap on my increasingly vast terrain collection. Any takers?

Age of Sigmar Terrain


  1. Oh, I do like that. And I'm looking forward to the other AoS pieces you mentioned (as someone allergic to painting scenery, I enjoy these vicariously).

    How about an AoS game where we actually use the special rules for scenery?

  2. Replies
    1. What about The Ritual, and next week?

  3. Missed this post! Yes and yes, variously. Still have time?

    1. Well I would, but I've got all this dungeon furniture to paint...

      Ah, I've taken them out of the box, I deserve a break. Yes, let's schedule something offline.

  4. Thursday work for you? Or early next week?

    1. [+noospheric datafile has been dispatched+]