Thursday, 15 September 2016

Hell. It's about time.

What's this? Stylus is outpainting me by a mile this month! Legions - attack!
Actually, I've got no chance of catching up, thanks to a glut of work. These rather rushed Dungeon Saga critters are the best I could do, and they've taken me nearly three weeks to get done.

Hellhounds! Three times the collar price for a single watchdog. Seems pricey to me.

The plan was originally to do four different versions of each one, but nuts to that, bluntly - so paired variants of black and red colours throughout. They've been weighing heavy on my soul since we started the Infernal Crypts campaign with unpainted models. Heinous.

Succibi. Not convinced by the arm blades, although I like the dynamic otherwise.

Everyone then got either red or white loincloths, silver or brass swords and firey or eerie white eyes, so there's a reasonable variation throughout. 25% of this lot belong to General Kas, who can pick whichever ones he likes from the final ranks, and I'll still be guaranteed a mix of colours myself. Hurrah!

Lesser Abyssals, sword and board version.

Bit rushed, though, like I said. And not the finest models in some ways - like I love the spear wielding Abyssal Guard, but their weapons are so thin they bend in the slightest breeze. Hot water fixing is needed every time I handle them.

Lesser Abyssal scythe versions, with a few hot water pose tweaks.

Given that they're grunts, I'm happy enough, mind you. And the bases came out well, although you can't really tell from my terrible photography. There's a downloadable guide to model photography in the new White Dwarf, apparently, I should try and get hold of it and see what they recommend. Loads of dry ice, probably.

Abyssal Guard Tap Dancing Line. I want to model top hats for them, but I won't.
Better angle for the lava bases. Still barely visible. Bah.

I've still got tons of DS to wade through, so I managed to squeeze out some furniture as well. The doors came out well, but the weird red and brown marble tomb looks weird. Perhaps I need to look at some more photos and come back to it.

The treasure chest is the first beneficiary of the gold coin glitter I got a while back. I've been looking forward to using this stuff, I hear nothing but good about it. It's the same range as the mini gems I've used a few times, very effective.

Sure enough, I wasn't disappointed. A blob of green stuff to fill out the empty box, painted Gehenna's Gold and then coated with glue and glitter. Score. 

More eventually. I'm a busy, tired man right now, which is nice in some ways. It won't last - Stylus, you'll need to make the most of this hiatus while you can!

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  1. I fondly remember those brief hours last November when I was ahead in this race to paint up Dungeon Saga.