Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Death Swatch

Pop quiz, hotshots!

I have completed General Leofa's Deathwatch commission. Most of them came with strict instructions on paint schemes. Chapter specific shoulders pads, indeed, for many. But for a small selection, I was allowed to choose my own adventure chapter.

Therefore, your challenge this week is to name (without cheating) all the chapters included in this grab bag of Space Marines!

Let's start easy...
Seriously, if you don't know this one, quit now while you're ahead.
Also not very hard
One of two possible outcomes here...
...and here's the other,
He also comes in Hulkbuster Flavour.
Also not hugely tough, although a quick confession - this is a slight fail on the commission. His shoulder pad was missing, I was asked to replace it, and I stuck the wrong thing on. He should be a Flesh Tearer. Oops. Let's pretend he's a homebrew, Ivory Angels or something.
Fairly well known, I'd say.
And also backed up by his big brother.

We're just starting to move out of the comfort zone here. You might not get this one from his shoulder pad, but there are plenty of other clues riveted to his backpack, for example. 
His chapter badge is at his waist, if you're wondering.
The clue is in the wreath...
Not a great photo, and not nearly as well known as their parent chapter.
Here's another one from the same lot, just in case it helps you.
Cheeky, I know, to not show you the heraldry. 
Much easier here. Another chapter with a nice, easy-to-guess name.
You'll need the Chapter and Company for this one.
And now we're officially into 'obscure'. 
I really like this chapter's colour scheme, they'd have a chance of being picked if I was painting my own models. (As if.) 
Bonus points if you can get this one without the logo!
More bonus points if you remember why these guys are rare!
Even more bonus points if you can name the parent chapter!
There's only one person out there who can name this homebrew chapter, so he gets no points for this one. Everyone else can have ten if they guess right. 
 That's all of them - time for some filler to give scroll padding before the answers.

Assault Squad

Tactical Squad

Devastator Squad
Terminator Squad
All the Squads Squad

While we're padding, White Dwarf has relaunched. Now it's the same magazine I remember from the late nineties again, a hobby-based sales tool with enough gaming goodness to be worth a read from time to time.

Especially if they bribe you. 
I wanted him to be as veinous as possible, so a blue/purple base with glazes, building up to red. Just going brass and crimson would have felt dull,
This is my first official Age of Sigmar model. It's huge! I hadn't realised how much bigger than a chaos warrior these guys are from pictures. Towered over the terminators on the painting rack this week, even. 
I do like the round bases. But I'm unlikely to buy a new army, sadly, I've got too little money and too much other stuff to paint!
Like Dungeon Saga. Don't worry, Dungeon Saga, I haven't forgotten you. Even if you just made me paint a hobbit in chainmail. 

And finally, the answers!

1. Ultramarines 2. Blood Angels 3. Imperial Fists 4&5. Crimson Fists 6. Dark (or possibly Ivory) Angels 7&8. White Scars 9. Space Wolves 10. Black Templars 11. Silver Skulls 12&13. Blood Drinkers 14&15 Red Scorpions 16. Dark Angels, Deathwing Company 17. Scythes of the Emperor (not The Emperor's Scythes, they're purple) 18. Aurora Marines 19. Rainbow Warriors 20. Lamenters - they bear a terrible curse and keep getting hammered in battle, probably made worse by my painting the badge with a teardrop instead of a heart here 21. Sons of Medusa, a successor of the Iron Hands 22. The Night Owls, made up by Leofa

With bonus points, you're scoring out of 31 (I think) - duplicates don't get you extra points, and number 19 is worth two because you can't see the logo.

It looks like this, if you must know.


  1. Awesome!
    I got 19. I'm not allowed to score for 22 and I missed the aurora chapter and sons of medusa. It's cos they're both green and I'm colour blind.
    Thanks Kraken - splendid work as always. :-)

  2. Excellent work - but what is this jamboree of Space Marines? Are they all on holiday, or have all the Chapters sent delegates, like the Rescue Aid Society?

    I love the Slaughterpriest model (expect mine to get painted in the next 6-12 months) - what I especially like is how that sword stays nice and straight, and doesn't need multiple hot-water corrections before it still ends up resembling a banana (I'm looking at you, Logan).

  3. The deathwatch is made up of elite xenos-killing volunteers from any chapter, rather than being a chapter in its own right. Thats my understanding, at least, so it's like the SAS but without the natty berets.

    I hear there will be a free total warhammer character in the december white dwarf, and a free comic with this month's. Consider me bribed.