Friday, 28 August 2015

Spot the Difference

You may remember last week's post. Well, I enjoyed it so much, I have done nothing different for this week's post.

So it's another ten cultists, a Crypt Marine to lead them and an APC to get them into the thick of things. Where they'll die in droves, what with being useless cultists and all.

The bunch I picked (pretty much at random) turned out to have several near-identical models in it. Weapon swaps and minor conversions to keep them looking different, of course. I tried to use the paint to keep them looking different too - what do you think?

Rob and Bob

Ned and Ted

Chun-Li and Cholmondley

I experimented a bit with white face paint for some of these guys (or even just white skin). This is because I saw Mad Max: Fury Road recently, and keep seeing Warboys in my sleep.

Valhalla Beckons!
Pallid Wych Flesh is just a step too far away from Dwarf Flesh or Ratskin, though, it looks wrong to me. The champion in particular either needs touching up or a job with KISS. He's another chaplain conversion, this time with a Chaos Knight shield and a power glaive made with a Heroquest Orc falchion.

I was made for loving you, baby

This week's Rhino has a heavy flamer, but is otherwise fairly unremarkable.

 And I'm so dedicated to replicating last week's models that I even managed to locate a rogue bit of Dreadnought lurking in the cupboard:

 Where I fall down, though, is the Fantasy Guest Star. No more dragon men or fish priests left, so merely this dungeon gribbly instead.

I believe this grabby snake thing is a Grisk, but I'm not totally sure. My daughter refers to it as 'the Cuddle Claw', and she's probably right.

 Finally, in preparation for a weekend visit from their owner General Kas, here's the Full Army Shot in progress for the Crypt Angels!


  1. There seems to be an Iron Giant situation going on here, where you keep finding random pieces of Dreadnaught until you have enough for a complete one...

  2. I wish Ted Hughes had written Warhammer novels.

    1. I'd rather Matt Ward was made Poet Laureate.

    2. Rage, rage against the dying of the Old World