Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A Cult Above the Rest

I like painting cultists.

GW do good ones, fair play to them. These are better than GW ones - they're a really good kitbash that combines the Dark Vengeance Chaos Cultist troopers (themselves a mashup of Imperial Guard and Guys Wearing Potato Sacks On Their Heads) and Empire Flagellants, with a few bits of scratch building thrown in for good measure. Do I detect the dark hand of General Leofa at work here?

They aren't all conversions, but you have to look closely to spot the untrimmed ones.

Loyalist Smarines don't have much use for cultist models, I suspect, which throws the entire bent of the Crypt Angels into doubt. Unless they're Scouts? Anyone buying that?

This one has wires coming out of his head. I think he's remote controlled.

The dude in the trenchcoat is a particular favourite, especially with his firey headgear. I think I might like to be him when I grow up. This may happen any day now, it's very overdue.

When Beehives Go Wrong

Cultists used to get led about by Chaos Champions back in the day. I don't know if that's still the case, but I put one together all the same. There were three copies of the Chaos Chaplain model from Dark Vengeance lurking in the box Kas gave me.

I've already done the vanilla one. This one has a simple head and weapon swap - a role-appropriate Chaos Marauder head and a Heroquest Skeleton scythe weapon. I still have some HQ skeletons with intact scythes, which always surprises me. I've used a lot of them in conversions over the years.

They've got wheels, too. Another vintage Rhino, bristling with tiny conversion bits and painted-on gums, as is standard for these things.

Crypt Angels - And They Shall Know No Floss

No painting guide for these guys. If you've been following previous Crypt Angels updates, you know what I'm using. The army ought to have a great deal of conformity by the time I've done. And I won't have any black paint left.

We were throwing out a broken suitcase earlier this week. It contained a dreadnought arm. Lucky escape, that.

Yes, I have Reaper models for this week.

This guy will be filling the Blue Dragon slot in my Chromatic Dragon Collection until I manage to get an actual dragon. I'm pleased with his sword, it came out well. The base is a bit drab, though. Blue Dragons live in deserts, according to the Monster Manual. Sand is well boring.

The other guy takes his fancy dress seriously.

Some sort of aquatic priest, this bloke, quite convincingly disguised as an angler fish. Although maybe it's actually a giant angler fish priest (or Monkfish) that's just eaten someone, I'm not sure. The shoulder pads turned out nice - Tin Bits works well with Runelord Brass highlights, it seems.

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