Thursday, 20 August 2015

Ruddy Gor

The time for proxies is past - behold the first of my purpose-built, round-base Age of Sigmar miniatures!

Beastmen Gor for Age of Sigmar, Realm of Ghur
I once was as weak as a newborn lamb...

(Not that many of them, I'm afraid - new Age or not, I still don't paint that fast)

The look of the Gor has appealed to me for a while now. What didn't appeal was having to buy and paint 40-60 of them, then add a further 20-30 Besitgor, then some Ungor, then some Chariots, just so I could get a game with them.

Not that I've got anything against big armies - only I've already got four of them on the go, at various stages of completion, and I had no interest in starting another army project until I'd made some headway into my considerable leadpile.

And the leadpile's bigger than I thought. When I opened the box, I realised this was the first of the 7th/8th Ed plastic regiments I'd ever painted (gosh - maybe I really did kill WFB, like they said).

Beastmen Gor for Age of Sigmar, Realm of Ghur
My eyes are fully open to my awful situation...

I reckon this '8th Edition paralysis' was one of the key factors in Age of Sigmar's 'anything goes' policy. This box of Gor miniatures may be one of the quickest turnarounds of 'buy it, build it, paint it' I've ever done. It became very easy once I thought of them as just a nice set of models, rather than 1/4 of a regiment I had to slog through just so I could get an army started.

They may be the only Gor I paint (which, even in AoS, isn't optimal, but what the hell), and I think I might use this warband as a dumping ground for whatever beastie or gribbly I've fancied painting, but couldn't fit into my regular armies. That could feel both beastial and chaotic (more so than 100 goatmen in orderly ranks after all) - and it would even fit into the Mortal Realm theme.

Age of Sigmar - Realm of Ghur

I've already got a painted sorcerer on a round, plus a few thugs and ratmen. Throw in the monster currently on my painting table and I've got myself a 50-wound force. In fact, it sounds not too dissimilar from the way warbands were organised back in The Lost and The Damned - funny how we've ended up back there.

Beastmen Gor for Age of Sigmar, Realm of Ghur
When the footpads quail at the night-bird's wail, and black dogs bay at the moon...

I'd better remind myself of the painting recipe, just in case I go for the full herd:

  • Skin: Vermin Fur base, Agrax Earthshade wash, Cadian Fleshtone highlights
  • Fur: Mounfang Brown base, Flesh Ink wash, Ryze Rust highlights
  • Horns and claws: Zandri dust base, Agrax Earthshade wash,
  • Hooves: Steel Legion Drab base, Agrax Earthshade wash,
  • Weapon hafts: Tallern Sand base, Brown Ink wash
  • Weapon heads: Chaos Black base, Leadbelcher highlights, Tinny Tin highlights
  • Amulets: Dryad Bark base, Tinny Tin layer
  • Belts and straps: Balor Brown base, Agrax Earthshade wash,

And, of course, plenty of Blood for the Blood God over the top. Splatter effect created by dipping a toothbrush into some paint, then dragging an old knife over the bristles. Didn't turn out too bad, although I was being conservative, not to mar the paintjob. Any heavier bits of blood were added with a brush.

Beastmen Gor for Age of Sigmar, Realm of Ghur
Nobody could conceive a worse 'un...

For the bases, I wanted to try something new. I went for snow effects, as there's something very primitive about blood on snow (if you have't seen Frozen Planet's wolf vs bison clip of an hour-long battle between predator and prey, it's a very humbling view of nature - not to mention freaking awesome).

To begin with, I based with sand and rocks, then sprayed with Chaos Black and covered with a wash of Brown Ink. For the snow, I mixed equal amounts PVA glue and Bicarbonate of Soda, with a touch of white paint, then globbed it over the base as required.

I then dumped a whole load more Bicarbonate on top of the wet mixture, and left it overnight, before shaking/dusting off the excess (which was most of it, but I think this is to add a powdery top to the mixture).

Beastmen Gor for Age of Sigmar, Realm of Ghur
And happy the filly that neighs in her pride...

And that's my first Chaos figures done. To think it only took three-and-a-half years for The Lure to get me.

Beastmen Gor for Age of Sigmar, Realm of Ghur
Observe the unpleasant result!


  1. Welcome, brother!

    Great to see the beast packs gathering. Not an army I've ever seen in action, in 8th or AoS, so I look forward to their first blooding!

    1. Cheers, this will certainly be Chaos from the perspective of beasts and monsters, so you'll keep your monopoly on demonic possession and spiky bits.

      I even left the door open to retro-fit them into an 8th Ed army - hence them being mounted on 25mm bases, rather than the unofficially suggested 32mm ones. I would have to paint ten times as many for it to be viable, but you never know.