Sunday, 16 August 2015

No Such Thing

But who is this creature with terrible claws?

And terrible teeth in its terrible jaws?
Its eyes are orange, its tongue is black,

It has purple prickles all over its back!

Oh help!
Oh no!

It's a GruffalTroll!

It's a measure of how much parenting I've been doing that I didn't notice which paint scheme I'd been secretly following until after I was done. Damn insidious kids' books, getting inside your mind. The actual Warhammer version of the Gruffalo starts 'A Grey Seer took a stroll in a Sylvaneth Wood...' and goes rapidly downhill.

This is actually a Kallaguk, King of the Trolls, another rubber Reaper piece. Faintly fishy looking, and therefore in soothing aquatic blues (Deadly Nightshade layered and drybrushed up through Stegadon Scale Blue to Skink Blue). I tried something clever with PVA glue and the base, aiming for sticky transluscent mud, but it didn't work and needed to be redone.

More Space Marines shortly!

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  1. This blog is just aimed at kids nowadays.

    I blame Age of Sigmar.