Friday, 3 October 2014

Tomb Kings

Here are 3 of 6 units I plan to field at the next WoffBoot.
Fun to paint and model, looking forward to trying them out in some practice games.


  1. Looking good - the unit fillers look very characterful. Aside from rank bonus, do TK chariots get any bonus from two ranks (supporting attacks, impact hits?)

    I've just been reading the fluff on Necropolis Knights - there is some good stuff in the Tomb Kings book. Shame it doesn't get more usage, so it will be good to see it at the WoffBoot.

    Is that glowing pink box in the background a proxy for the Casket of Souls? ;-)

  2. the rank bonus adds to the strength of the impact hits.
    And no the pink box is spare bits etc lol.

    I have been building on a budget, so far the 3 units have cost me £38 :)

  3. Cracking stuff! Where are you getting the unit filler from?