Friday, 17 October 2014

EXT: Graveyard Wall

More scenery, this time some of the walls and fences from the Garden of Morr set.

The number of skulls on this really creeps towards the ludicrous. It's like there's a particular burial rite in the Empire where you take the head off the body and stack it on the nearest fence. Mind you, that sort of thing was genuinely done when graveyards got full. I somewhere read of a real life French town that made it illegal to die, because there was nowhere to stock the corpses.

All the same, GW, just once - a cosy nook with a teapot and a dish of crumpets wouldn't go amiss, okay?

More to come from this set, obviously. But as before, I was using it as a break in between Dark Elf units, so watch this space for more of those shortly.

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