Friday, 24 October 2014

Scouting For Wood Elves

A lazy update this week, as I've been brought low by a stinking cold (if you want to see the arrival of something big, green and Nurgley, check out my handkerchief).

So just a rebasing of my Scouts (or Deepwood Scouts, as we must now call them), but they do have some historical virtue: these were the first models I painted up specifically for a WoffBoot. The very first WoffBoot, as it happens.

Classic Wood Elf Deepwood Scouts
Second on the podium, baby!

These are more of the metal releases for the 4th Edition Wood Elves. I didn't buy them at the time, as they didn't have capes (and for some reason, it was very important that all my elves had capes).

I have since overcome my robeophobia and, approaching these models after a few years out of the hobby, these had a lot of attention lavished upon them.

The command group is missing the standard bearer (or rather, he defected to the Wardancers), but that doesn't seem very scout-like anyway. Just a trusty horn to blow from the treetops, it was good enough for the Ewoks.

Classic Wood Elf Deepwood Scouts
A horn that size must have come from a Bloodthirster.
This scout is badass.

My favourite part about this unit is that is actually has archers that are kneeling! I love kneeling archers and there should be far more of them in the Wood Elf army (I bet there are loads of kneeling archers available for the High Elves, the bastards).

Classic Wood Elf Deepwood Scouts
Kneel for victory!

Lacking the capes to paint Dark Angel Green, this set of archers turned out a little brighter than the rest (which doesn't worry me - I have my autumn elves, these are the spring ones). Recipe, to the best of my recollection, as follows:

  • Jackets: Goblin Green base, Green Ink wash
  • Bows: Camo Green base, Devlan Mud wash
  • Boots, gloves, helmets: Dark Angels Green
  • Trousers: Tallern Sand
  • Gems: Hawk Turqouise
  • Gold detailing: Shining Gold base, Chestnut Ink wash, Shining Gold highlights
  • Hair: I think Brown Ink directly on primed white, then highlights of Yellow.

Classic Wood Elf Deepwood Scouts
I've painted a lot of archers, and these guys have the most swagger.

The one gripe I have with the Scouts is the proliferation of swords - half the models have them (and being 'heroic-scale' dimensions, they're huge). It's good having the unit champion/leader with a sword, but having too many makes them look like a combat unit (rather than a paper-thin arrow delivery system).

Out with the clippers, and away with the swords.

Classic Wood Elf Deepwood Scouts
The guy on the right got chopped down to a really little dagger.

Only one rank-and-file model escaped the sword purge. He must have connections.

Classic Wood Elf Deepwood Scouts
Probably Orion's nephew or something.

So I may not have painted anything, but the Scouts now all have lovely new arboreal bases, so it's still progress.

Classic Wood Elf Deepwood Scouts
Movement trays are another story.

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