Wednesday, 1 October 2014

EXT: Engraved Tomb

Possibly more of an INT, this. 

Marble Comics
If I had the money, I'd get a real one of these for myself. As it is, I'll just have to be buried underneath this one.

It's the tomb from Heroquest, given a new base and repainted from it's original teenage enamels. Actually a tiny wrench as I did that, this time. The one thing enamels used to do brilliantly was metallics, and the statue used to be in a lovely old gold that really worked. Typically, I didn't take before photos and can't prove this. 

Here Lies Sir Footstabber

The tomb's original cardboard cutout has been preserved elsewhere. The new sides are made from lengths of blister pack, cut and overlaid to give a small amount of depth. The skulls are from Chaos Warrior banners, superglued on. 

The grey stone was a standard Abaddon Black - Eshin Grey - Codex Grey - Tyrant Skull brushup. But for the edges, green marble is what I was aiming for. And I'm quite pleased with it. Here's how I did it: - 
  • Incubi Darkness base coat
  • Irregular blocks of Kabalite Green painted on top of that
  • Lightning stripes of XV88 daubed randomly on top of those
  • Thin diagonal stripes of Nurgling Green on top of them
  • A careful edge highlight of Hellion Green 
  • A very careful drybrush of White Scar
  • A lick of gloss

Look, you've gone and made Liv Tyler cry. Bad tomb. 

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