Friday, 3 January 2014

A 3000pt battle Warriors vs Vampires

Twas the night before New Year and the board was still out;
so the warriors where stirring, for a new bout!
Leofa pulled vampires from out of their crypt,
and twelve seen in battle whilst red wine was sipped.

Was Nurgle who smiled and said "children" go first:
chaos threatened as vampires yell "do your worst!"
From the flanks a mage on magic carpet would ride,
casting spells (behind daemon prince wings she did hide).

Warriors moved forward themselves they use as bait,
snarling and snorting unaware of their fate.
Facing off, Heinrich Kemmler yelling "fear me all!"
Then the git smiled and became ethereal!

The undead moved forward with unusual speed,
Both units roll five 'n six: just what they need!
The undead horde charge as the rot beasts show fear:
turning tail they did run, cut down from the rear.

The crypt ghouls move forward, as the grave guard do pause;
mutated forsaken hold to extend their claws.
when Seafang drops Wulfrik and friends on north shore
Skellies and zombies turn round: not to ignore...

Slaughterbrute comes, empowered by daemon prince skill,
but not enough to prevent the vampire lord's kill.
Forsaken fight back; and the ghoul poison flows -
and Kemmler's grasp on the combat did close!

A Terrorgeist screams as marauders disembark,
seven fall to the sound before making their mark.
Not beaten, they charge into skeletal ranks,
on zombies they eye - as they expose flanks.

The wanderer wonders what horrors ahead,
ne'er before had he seen such lucky undead.
One more fight was failed with fear in his eyes,
this army, this lord, Kas began to despise!

The prince charges forward to face spectral horse;
at end: one still stands for Leofa of course!
So no overrun into massive zombie block,
for warriors its between hard place and rock!

As undead gain wounds and they recast their spells,
more warriors of chaos do bid their farewells.
Throwing caution to wind 6 dice mage would roll,
for Leofa to laugh "Ta Da! dispel scroll!"

The warriors of Nurgle now hide behind wall,
expecting their complete and utter downfall.
One last trick for the mage who is never outdone
lining up the two hordes - take that: purple sun!

With grave guard beaten and Krell sent to hell
if only the last warrior could Kemmler as well;
but vampires were on for a fight till the death
At 5 in the morn chaos took its last breath!