Sunday, 12 January 2014

A 3200pt battle Warriors and Daemons vs Wood Elves and Bretonnians

Chaos daemons, my old friends:
Hand in hand we fight again.
From the forests of athel loren,
Comes Bretonnians and Elf men;
And Slaaneshi forces marched on to hear cries,
Someone dies,
No more the sound of silence.

Chaos moves for the knights of grail
Magic leaves us and all spells fail
In fiends we trust combat in our flanks
Forgetting that knights armour built like tanks
When the lances hit the daemons they did fall
Damn you all!
But prince resound with defiance

Chariot the forest would ignore
To charge: need ten, maybe more
But luck was on side as I move in
Waywatchers caught in wheels, now no skin
Crashing through into peasants (no one cares)
More knights prepares,
To crash in with elf guidance.

"Challenge" yells mounted herald
Pal'din accepts and is impaled
Buying time for others to move in
With all their might its now a chaos win
Foes on the right flank of the army are no more
This is war -
But few left see this violence

Sorceror lord too late sees,
The dryads hiding in the trees.
He must flee and not face them,
Knights chase him to condemn
And the last fight sends more knights to et'rnal rest
So chaos best!
Back to the sound of silence.


  1. The Wood Elves should have known better than to fight during the Hazy Shade of Winter.

  2. Another really enjoyable game, thanks