Saturday, 4 January 2014

A 4000pt battle Warriors and Skaven vs Daemons and Dark Elves

These flock covered mountains,
are a death bed for me.
As my ally is the skaven:
who always hate me.
Today though no rules for this,
but our en'mies fight the same;
so Daemons and Dark elves fight brothers in arms.

Through ranks of Nurgle's offerings
Skaven's warpfire.
But rodents stay back cowardly
as my warriors march on.
And though my trolls are a horde:
they still fear and run.
Now rats dont desert me my brothers in arms!

Cannons hit the dark elves' shrine,
skullcrushers charge the front -
And the witch elves we all feared:
just a memory to us all!

Now the game's to gone to hell...
most my units are dead.
and the gray seers keeps plaguing
whilst I keep foes at bay
but its not enough to fell those beasts,
before my lord falls to sword -
still seemed I won though with my brothers in arms.


  1. Must have been a tough battle... for a moment, it sounded like you were in dire straits.

    1. It was, and I was :)
      I think at the end, I had two models standing; neither of which were characters - one skullcrusher and one dragon ogre.
      Leofa lost a couple of cannons and a couple of rats...
      But to be fair, a horde of trolls should not be holding back!