Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Anniversary Gift

Last weekend was the 3rd Anniversary for Mrs Stylus and myself. According to Ancient Lore (wikipedia), the third year is the Leather Anniversary, so it would be normal to expect some kind of belt, or wallet, as my anniversary gift...

Leather dice cup and D6 dice.
... but seriously, what use is a belt or a wallet?

That's about as close to gaming as I get these days, but I'm hoping for a 'Woffnaissance' (or perhaps a 'Re-Boot') in the new year.


  1. Hooray for leathers! I got a plaited leather wristband. It's very nice, although mostly used by F as a chew toy


  2. anniversary gifts is an exclusive online gifting experience specialising in luxuriously packaged gift boxes containing high quality intimate apparel including lingerie.

    1. That's very thoughtful of you, Fritz, although I can't imagine Savage Orcs have much use for intimate apparel.
      Perhaps you might like to ask the Witch Elves?