Saturday, 15 June 2013

Don't Fear the Reaper

Another quicky, this. From time to time, I visit the Reaper Miniatures page to check out new releases and pretend to toy with the idea of buying new models. I hadn't for a while, but when I did, boy was I surprised.

They're currently going through what seems to be the entire catalogue of models and doing something GW should take note of - turning all their old metal stock into cheap resin casts. I can't speak for the quality of the resin, but looking at pictures of stuff I own copies of, it looks pretty impressive. And it's about a third of the price.

Anyone interested in giants, monsters or dragons should definitely look at the latest stuff, it's extremely affordable! But there's pretty much something for everyone, from cheap tomb guard fillers to space age monkeys with chaingun hands.

A random demon for $13

A red dragon, originally about thirty dollars, now 16
I bought ol' octopus head here for £16, iirc.
Now $6. Dammit.


  1. For anyone who's interested, Reaper are currently running a Kickstarter to expand the range of models in this plastic range. I'm buying into it (I'm a muppet that way), and am therefore interested in recruiting other likeminded fools - the more people who back the plan, the more everyone gets for their cash. I'll be getting a vast rate of plastic heroes and villains sometime next Christmas as a result, far more than I shall ever ever paint. You could too, have a look at if you're interested. Even if you don't back it, the models are still pretty to look at!

    1. The kickstarter thing seems to be going pretty well! Out of interest, if anyone wants anything from it I'd be happy to add it to my order if you'd like. And there's way more than I'll ever paint, of course, so if there's anything in the set I'm getting (all the stuff in purple in the Kickstarter) that you'd be interested in, let me know and I'd happily either swap if it's something I actually like/need or donate if not!