Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Gang's All Here


Turquoise Goblins
(Camo green base, Drakenhof Nightshade shading, Skink Blue highlights)

Blue Goblins
(Altdorf Blue base, shade and highlight as above)

The little albino guy on the right is another character, a goblin captain,
so he got his own personal colour. The fluff states that small ones are more vicious.
Naturally, I missed a trick by not painting it orange.
This particular blue one, by the way, is rapping.
Taste the Rainbow of Fruit Goblins
Left to Right: Wild Spearmint, Arctic Raspberry, Sour Apple, Crazy Lime,
Lemon Blast, Fruits of the Forest, Festive Cranberry and Watermelon Explosion.
Another weird character choice is the Goblin Scribe.
Odd model to paint, hard to get the actual goblin to stand out...
...which is why I went with pink. 

Goblin King's Throne/Toilet.
A lovely bit of scenery as long as you never look at the back,
which is a hollow and undetailed shell. The leather straps just tail off,
they must have run out of space or budget or something.

Throne detail - Tin Bitz base, Goblin Green and Rotting Flesh highlights,
then a brush of Brazen Brass and Shining Gold over the top
Token Black Guy 

These goblins elect their ruler on boil size alone

Funny story! I really can't paint eyes, I blotched the left one
terribly and lost all patience with the damn model.
But it kind of looked okay with a bit of reworking.
Meet Ludlow Boggage, feared Halfling Pirate. 
Thorin and Company. And effing Radagast.

A crude recreation of the box art. 

This post is dedicated to the memory of Scorched Brown, Graveyard Earth and
Snakebite Leather, veteran paintpots all. You gave your last
in completing this foot and a half of Goblin Decking. Farewell, Loyal Servants.

Right, finished? Then it's off to the shelf with us, never to be used again.


  1. Excellent work - the colours on the Company really make them pop (unlike the 'variations on grey-brown' on the official version). That's a nice lot of scenery too.

    I look forward to the next Hobbit battle reports, now with illustrations.

    Two questions:
    1) Was there no Gollum in the box set? Seems a bit cheap, since he was actually in Goblin Town, and Radagast wasn't.

    2) Got a favourite colour of goblin?

  2. Thanks!

    1) Nope, Serkis sold separately. I mean come on, he's a much less popular and enduring character, and he's only in it for that one brief chapter. Who'd want to play riddles with dice?

    2) It's between the Lime and Watermelon flavour goblins for me. Same as with Nerdz in the late eighties.

  3. So the smallest goblins are the most vicious? That would explain why the largest goblin of all had the voice of a blue-rinse, maternal drag-act.

  4. Doesn't explain why he's wearing a hula skirt though.