Thursday, 15 March 2018

Green Bunions

Still keeping it green.

Nurglings! Cute as buttons, the lot of them. General Leofa has thriftily put together what looks like a pack of three bases in such a way as to cover twice the ground. The kit usually has its wobbly stacks of grinning pusbags both wider and higher.

They still look great like this, though, lots of nice cartoony character. Bit of a faff doing the eyes and faces (so many! so small!) but worth it. They're all so cheerful!

Painting Guide:

  • Basecoat - Death Guard Green, I think, but I redid half of them in Rakarth Flesh and then picked out odd nurglings in Rhinox Hide, Incubi Darkness or Forest Green
  • Skin - A big old wash of Athonian Camoshade, supplemented with Bieltan Green or Agrax Earthshade in places, then drybrushed with either Elysian Green and Nurgling Green (for most of them) or Moot Green and Hiveworld Ash (for a few)
  • Horns - Karak Stone
  • Teeth - Nuln Oil, then Ushabti Bone
  • Eyes - watered down Black, then a dot of Pallid Wychflesh
  • Guts/Sores/Tongues, etc - Screamer Pink, Druchii Violet, Changeling Pink drybrush

Nearly done with the Nurgle commission now, just a handful of mounted stuff to finish, and it's all underway.

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