Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Nailing it Shut

Last post for this army! 

After a bit of a marathon over the last week, I've done with the Crypt Angels. Generals Kas and Leofa are heading Swedenwards this weekend, and I wanted to have the complete commission ready to hand over. A little ahead of schedule, it's ready - and I'll need that extra time for some other odds and ends, things for the impending gaming!

Without further ado - the last nine models. 

First up, a squad of Terminator Veterans. 
Nothing I haven't done several times before, but all the same - Terminators are good models. Big and imposing with plenty of nice detail.
This lot are a bodyguard squad. Their heads are Chaos Termies with the tusks filed off.
Late edit - I somehow left the banner bearer out! Here he is, with his massive Dark Crypt Angels pole. 

Five down, four to go - this is another Terminator Captain, strung together from a variety of bits. Albino, too.

Then we're going large! Back to vehicles, for this Dark Angels Vengeance Landspeeder. 
On which the turret is magnetised, so it can be fielded as the flying pulpit that is the Dark Shroud.
I like that pulpit, it's got actual stonework on it. Bit daft for a flyer, but that's Space Marines for you.
Two left, and the first is this Ravenwing Dark Talon. 
Really lovely model! And I'm so gutted I forgot to mask the cockpit when I sprayed the varnish on. Did my best to take off the frosting with alcohol, but to limited avail. After all that work painting the interior, too - argh. I'm almost tempted to buy another cockpit piece, I'm sure eBay has them. You can just see the pilot in there, and see that he's got colour, but that's it. Booo.
The 'plane isn't fully glued together. The flight base is loose, for travel, and the secondary guns in the wings as well as the main weapon can be taken off and swapped round. No magnets yet, I couldn't think of a good place to put them inside the wells for the guns, and they fit perfectly tightly without.
Bomb on the undercarriage.
Lascannon alt primary.
Or hurricane bolters and gatling bolter, to make it into a Nephilim Jetfighter instead.
Some local rocks and some less local Blood Angels on the base.
There's the flyers together, which means there's only one model left...
It's Chapter Master Kasfunatius, in person!
And there he goes, off home at last. He's a conversion, built around the legs and base of Abaddon with an assortment of Space Wolf, Blood Angel, Grey Knight and other Terminator parts. Very nice too. I did try very hard to paint his name on his chestplate, but it just defeated me in the end - too small for my brush strokes. I've managed to suggest the name, at least, there's the right number of blobby letters. 
Here he is with his bodyguard, hulking over them grumpily. 

This is not a full army shot, sadly - some of them are already back at Kasfunatu Towers. So we'll rely on him to do the right thing and assemble a full trooping of the colours when he gets them all home. 
More 40K in the year ahead - but a return to Fantasy for the next month or so, with a new army project of my own for a change! In the meantime, be sure to check out the Crypt Angels Army and Fluff page here. You know, if you like that sort of thing.

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