Thursday, 11 February 2016

EXT - Adventurers' Campsite

Ah, the great outdoors!

A few bits of scatter terrain, fixed up ahead of some Frostgrave this coming weekend. You can't have too much cover in that game, the internet agrees. Very true.

This is a set of Renedra Ruins. There are four sprues worth of plastic here, sets A-D. Cheap at a fiver a throw and rather effective too. It's is all part of a commission payment from the excellent General Leofa, so I've got a fantasy army to do up over the coming months. It arrived last week, and I've badgered away with it as I was finishing the Crypt Angels off.

Sets A-C give you a section of wall, with a free-standing corner section. Set D gives you several smaller bits of crumbling masonry. They're perfectly stable alone, but I've given them clear plastic bases to help.

Renedra have a gothic tower set coming out soon, which is good news. If it follows their usual pricing, it'll be good value, and if these kits are anything to go by, good quality too.

This is a good idea for basing stuff, by the way, which I've seen several people adopting recently. Too lazy/poor/inept to do good basing? Just stick your models to a clear circle of perspex, and it will work with any given floorplan or tabletop. Instant versatility, even if it's not going to win you any Crystal Brushes.

Renedra barrels are next - again, amazing value for some decent scatter terrain. The two halves of each barrel (ten in a pack for £2.50) don't match up terribly well, but I'm not going to worry about it.

Ristul's Market do some amazing scatter terrain and diorama bits out of resin, and I've got this selection of fireplaces and firewood. Seems like something warbands might use around Felstad, I thought, and it'll also look good around my dark age fort once that arrives.



Quite a long time before

All this gear together makes a nice campsite, of the kind a band of heroes might improvise on their travels. Therefore I should paint some heroes! We'll be playing a little Pathfinder this weekend too, and General Kas has kindly rolled up all the characters in advance. I do like DnD, but the paperwork is a hassle.

Sylax Jarren

Asurk Threehands

Miriam the Wanderer

Mattok Plett

Tristan, the tiger Mattok apparently rides. Not quite to scale, and really I'm missing a trick by not painting him to look like Battlecat so he sticks to the colour scheme.
Edit - Having looked up on Google what a tiger's face really looks like, I'll be coming back to this. I wasn't trying for tiger, exactly, just a sort of non-specific fantasy big cat, but silly not to go all the way really.

These four together (five with the 'tiger') make up the Green Scorpion Gang, They're all spellcasters of varying ability and they all share the same familiar, giving the gang their name. So I thought I'd reflect that in the colour scheme and the freehand!

Miriam has snippy claws on her scarf, I couldn't find enough free space for a whole scorpion on her. 

Mostly I was impressed at how many different greens I've got in the paint collection. Camo Green, Cadian Green, Green Snot, Nurgling Green, Stegadon Scale Green, Hellion Green, Goblin Green, Glistening Green - about a fifth of my paints seem to be green. Nice to do a small selection of models to go together, too. I might come back to this and sort out a full Frostgrave warband's worth at some point.

Happy Campers

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