Monday, 15 February 2016

Cabinet of All The Talents

Once again, my armies are creeping out from their dark hiding places and brazenly displaying themselves on the walls of the man-cave.

About a month ago, I discovered that Lidl sell these glass-fronted cabinets, of pretty decent quality, at low, low prices (this is not a sponsored post, but if Lidl are reading this and would like to send me another, I'll find the wall space for it!)

It seems to only happen for a limited time, then disappear until next year - the discount furniture equivalent of Punxsutawney Phil the Groundhog.

This is smaller than my other cabinet, but in many ways more useful to the eclectic collector with not enough storage. It has more shelves, spaced closer together - which means I can keep more miniatures in there, as long as their banners don't get too high.

It also nicely represents my hobby ambitions over the coming year:

Second floor (millinery):
Dungeon Saga - the rest of the starter and three more expansions to add in here, so enjoy the elbow room while you can.

First floor (ironmongery):
SAGA (the other one) - this should serve to remind me that I still have half a warband left to paint. And being Anglo-Saxons, there's quite a few of them.

Mezzanine (delicatessen):
X-Wing - lots more of these winging their way in. I'm already concerned about the headroom clearance for things like the Millennium Falcon (don't want to lose a radar dish!).

Ground floor (haberdashery):
Lord of the Rings - I have some elves and dwarves to add in here. And more goblins. There's always more goblins.

Basement (stationary):
Age of Sigmar - this one is staying relatively small (although that Cockatrice is already pushing his luck) - just a command model and a few more beasts in here.

Remind me to check back in this time next year - at the very least, I'll have added more dust!

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  1. Men for the Man Cave! Lead for the Ledges of Lidl!